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Vehicles - Non-Living Means of Transport

Vehicles have literally changed our world forever. Without them our economy, social networks and public services would be seriously downgraded. While vehicles enhance our society, they also are a great way for individuals to enjoy their independence, relax when traveling and spark our interest and passion.

For the most part vehicles are defined as machines that transport us, however to many vehicle operators, these machines are more to us than just engines and metal parts. They are said to have their own personalities and temperaments. Anyone that has owned a car, truck or motorcycle can easily understand why many vehicle operators attribute personality traits to their own vehicles.

Vehicles are wonderful machines that bring joy, value and opportunities to their owners. Whether it is the family car, the old pick up truck or the street bike, there seems to be a vehicle that fits almost any need and personality.

There are three main types of vehicles; they include cars, trucks and motorcycles. Within each type of vehicle, there are a variety of categories. For instance, with cars, you can have luxury cars, sport cars, the family sedan, economical cars, electric cars, hybrid cars, touring sedans, low-riders, street- rods, show cars, etc.

Trucks also come in a variety of flavors including the pick up, sport utility vehicle, off road vehicle, jeep, utility truck, dump truck, big rig, tractor trailer, etc. And motorcycles also include many varieties including the street bike, dirt bike, sport bike, hog, mini bike, Enduro racer, etc.

With so many vehicles to choose from, it’s no wonder why vehicles play such a huge part in our life.


The car is an amazing machine. It a little more than 100 years, the car has evolved from a mechanical carriage to an incredible, high performance, great looking vehicle. Most people today rely on their car for transportation to and from work, to be independent and drive to any location that they desire and to carry goods such as groceries from the store to their home. It would be hard to imagine a world without the car.

The car has become much more than a utilitarian object, what we drive tells others who we are. Cars are much more than metal, glass and plastic, they have become an extension of us. We look to our car to portray us fitting a certain image or social class such as sporty, wealthy, sophisticated, economical, environmentally friendly, etc.

Cars can also be incredibly fun to drive, and most people can’t wait to drive their very own car. Almost every boy dreams about being a race car driver or owning a sports car once they turn the legal age to drive. While you may think that your car has to be functional first and foremost, many people purchase cars in order to enjoy their passion for driving. Today, there are many choices of cars that fit almost every niche, whether you are looking for a sporty vehicle that reaches high speeds and delivers high performance or require a vehicle that is elegant, sophisticated complete with a luxurious interior cars can fulfill almost any need.

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Trucks are considered to be the workhorses of vehicles. Trucks usually are larger than cars and are built to fulfill a specific purpose. There are many types of trucks and while some are utilitarian such as the pick up truck, others are built for specific uses such as the garbage truck.

The most common type of truck on the road is the pick up truck. Pick up trucks are slightly larger than cars and are made for individuals that require small hauling. Many individuals that own pick up trucks use the utility of the truck infrequently- for instance to carry home goods from a store from time to time or to help a friend move. While pick up trucks are considered to be the most popular trucks on the road, another type of truck is very popular as well- the SUV. SUV’s (sport utility vehicles) are classified as trucks- however they are enclosed giving them more utility to carry fragile items easier.

While SUV’s and pick up trucks are built for individuals, most other types of trucks are built for commercial purposes. Probably the most popular truck on the road built for commercial purposes is the big rig. Big rigs are what haul tractor trailers. Big rigs connected to trailers are sometimes called 18 wheelers. Other popular trucks that fulfill a specific commercial need are garbage trucks. Garbage trucks also haul, but instead of goods, it is garbage. While big rigs and garbage trucks are very popular, construction vehicles are also considered to be trucks as well. Whether the construction vehicle is a dump truck, cement mixer or bull dozer, they all fulfill an important need and function.

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Whether you live for speed or require economical transportation- the motorcycle is for you. Motorcycles are generally classified as being a motorized vehicle with only two wheels, however beyond this brief, basic description almost anything goes.

Motorcycles generally come in a variety of flavors including street bikes, sport bikes, dirt bikes, scooters and mopeds. Street bikes are made for riding on highways, public roadways and country back roads. Sport bikes, which are usually manufactured by Asian companies, largely offer high performance, sharp lines and the ability to customize the bike to fit your needs. Other types of motorcycles include dirt bikes which are primarily for recreational purposes and perform well in dirt, sand and snow.

The other large group of motorcycles are mopeds and scooters. While still consisting of two wheels and an engine, mopeds and scooters generally have no gears and in comparison to most full fledged motorcycles have much smaller engines making them extremely economical and affordable to purchase and operate. The average moped or scooter will usually hit speeds of about 30 mph. The amount of fuel it takes to power mopeds vary, but most mopeds and scooters can travel long distances on just one gallon of gas.

Mopeds and scooters on average are extremely affordable and are considered to be the major mode of personal transportation in many countries around the world. Retail prices can range from about $500 to several thousand dollars. For motorcycles, expect prices to range from about $2,000 to over $15,000.

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