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The Resident

“The Resident” is a sponsor-supported, weekly online and TV talk show hosted by Lori Harfenist, one of the Best Internet Personalities of 2007*. The show is comedy with an underlying cerebral message about topics you thought only you cared about.

Every Friday, a new show is posted online, which consists of two new videos on one new topic. The show also runs as a half-hour show every Monday night at 10PM on local TV in NYC. "The Resident" is an official YouTube User Partner, consistently appears on the homepages of Yahoo! Video and YouTube, and has garnered millions of views and a loyal, global audience.

  • Nominated by Yahoo! Video

Engineered food for thought

<youtube v="AEy7J9w5oBs" />

Kurt Vonnegut is the Resident's People

<youtube v="lp_daXRkOH0" />

Online Addict

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<youtube v="6RJgSLCQVvc" />