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There is some uncertainty surrounding exactly what a ticket broker is and what services they provide… not to mention a great deal misinformation. Simply speaking, ticket brokers provide secondary tickets to the public. Secondary tickets consist of tickets that have been previously purchased and then resold for a price determined by the seller, normally dictated by supply and the resulting demand.

The reason ticket brokers are successful lies in the supply and demand explanation. When it comes to a highly-anticipated event, most people living in the cultural mainstream have a burning urge to attend whatever show is popular at that time. Because of this and other factors like limited ticket quantities and reserved tickets earmarked for special purchases, the average would-be ticket buyer doesn’t have much time to buy their tickets from the primary market.

Enter the ticket broker, which can either consist of a company like Ticket Solutions, RazorGator, or on an individual basis.

Sold Out - Or Not...

The benefits of using a broker are that you are no longer bound by Sold Out signs. If you try to buy tickets from a primary and they say they don’t have any available, chances are a ticket broker does and usually in a fairly large amount.

While some people wonder why brokers charge more than the primary sources, they usually don’t take into account how much the broker had to pay in order to have a supply for the sometimes overwhelming demand. Supplying a need or a desire is not always an inexpensive venture.

Premium Seating

Another benefit of using a ticket broker is having an actual choice when it comes to seating. You are no longer limited to general admission or nosebleed seats. If there is specialty seating, it’s a good bet that a broker will have a wide variety of different seating areas to choose from. This includes the hot events as well. When dealing with a broker, make sure they are a part of the National Association of Ticket Brokers. A membership guarantees your purchase will be protected and you will have some level of recourse if you are unsatisfied with the service you received.

Selling Unwanted Tickets

Ticket brokers don’t just sell tickets either. They give people who have potentially unused tickets an outlet to redeem a percentage of their investment, if not an outright profit. If you have bought extra tickets you aren’t going to use, a ticket broker offers a great alternative to throwing money away. This process also facilitates the broker’s ability to supply the insatiable demand. A good way to look at the broker/buyer relationship is symbiotic—without one the other wouldn’t be nearly as successful.