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BSB Royale.... The Future of Vacation Ownership

About Us

We at BSB Royale are committed to offering clients unrivaled vacation ownership possibilities.  Through the proven power of internet social networking, we strive to connect people with similar vacation interests in order to discuss, plan, and ultimately attain the vacation home of their dreams.  

Our Philosophy

It is a fact... there is power in numbers. Our plan is to encourage shared ownership of luxury estates, in popular tourist destinations. Take for example, the following scenarios.

  1. A family owns a vacation home, at which they spend a cumulative five weeks a year. This vacation home is worth $300,000, and the home is mortgaged.
  2. A family pays 20,000 for a timeshare, at which they are guaranteed one week a year.

In scenario 1, we see that the family has spend a great deal of money, but has the added benefit of more time. In scenario 2, we see that a family has invested a great deal of money, but out of that investment comes only one week a year.....

What if there was an even more attractive option....

What if your vacation home could be a waterfront estate in Florida, or a Mountainside villa in Colorado? What if you could live the vacation life of a millionaire, for less then the family in scenario 1? We at BSB Royale believe that it can be a possibility.

Since the average family would not necessarily be able to afford a home of that magnitude, our website encourages users to entertain the possibility of finding other people who would entertain the idea of sharing ownership with a number of other investors. A beautiful million dollar property can quite quickly become an amazingly affordable property.

The possibilities for ownership are endless. The ability to rent out weeks you are unable to use. The ability to sell your percentage of the estate at a profit. The ability to pass down from generation to generation your investment.

What we plan to offer

We are planning to offer several services to our users.

  1. Ability to post and discuss recent real estate offerings, sorted by destination.
  2. Ability to rate each destination, or posting, and connect with users who share interest in the destination.
  3. Forums in which users can discuss all elements of timesharing.