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Tomato Casual

Everything Tomato for People Who Love Tomatoes

Are you passionate about tomatoes?

We are too!

In fact, it’s why we created this community dedicated to “Tomato Everything for People Who Love Tomatoes.”

At Tomato Casual we are not only obsessed with growing, eating, cooking with tomatoes, we’re also obsessed with all things tomato whether it be art, music, wallpaper, recipes or movies.

Our expert Tomato Casual team will help you grow a better tomato, discover new ways to cook and enjoy tomatoes, and will keep you in know about all things tomato.

We invite you to be a part our community and share your tips, stories, photos and passion with those of us also enjoy this most perfect fruit.



Article Samples from Tomato Casual

How To Grow The Biggest Tomatoes In Town in 6 Easy Steps

1. Start early OR buy plants.

Use seeds if you are set up to grow them with proper space, lighting and will be able to keep them moist. If you are not able to devote the time then buy plants. Let the greenhouse do all the early work.

2. Plant deeply.

It can not be said often enough that the root system is where a tomato gets its growing power.

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Tomatoes Love the Beach: How Seaweed Can Improve Tomato Growth, Yield and Flavor

Okay, I don’t know if that’s actually true . . . I’ll look into it and get back to you.

But apparently, they like a little seaweed.

Regular use of kelp sprays on your tomato plants has been shown to make plants heartier and healthier, and even improve the soil conditions and flavor of the tomatoes.

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Heirloom Tomatoes in 30 Seconds

An heirloom is an old fashioned breed or strain of tomato that is not scientifically altered and can be reproduced from seed.

They are full of flavor and style - meaning they can grow a wonderfully unsymmetrical, often wacky shape.

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The Tomato: A Relatively New Addition to the Dinner Table

We know tomatoes as juicy, tasty, and simply delicious, but it wasn’t always this way.

The tomato is said to have been around since as early as 700 A.D. growing wild in the Andes of South America and cultivated by Incas and Aztecs; somehow tomatoes eventually ended up in Central America . .

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Recipe: Bruschetta with Tomatoes — Direct from Italy

Summertime means loads of fresh, delicious tomatoes, and here in southern Italy, that means one thing: lots of Bruschetta al Pomodoro, or Bruschetta with Tomatoes–grilled bread topped with a mix of fresh tomatoes, basil, oregano, salt, and olive oil.

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Ewan McGregor. As a Tomato. Gets Assaulted.

FilmFour did a beautiful promotional series of commercials, and here you can see Ewan McGregor in a tomato suit, getting assaulted.

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