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Landscape Properties’ Guide to Tuscany

Tuscany real estate - typical view

Tuscany is probably the most famous Italian region in the world. Located in the centre of Italy, it stretches out between the dramatic Appenine mountains and the Mediterranean coastline. Think of it as a triangle on its side, with the wide base to the left and the point to the right, and you just about have the shape. The 'base' of the triangle is along the north west coast of Italy from Massa Carrara at the 'top' bordering Liguria, to Argentario at the 'bottom' next to Lazio. The 'point' stretches beyond the Casentino National Park into Le Marche.

Tuscany is everything you have dreamed of and more: green hills punctuated by cypresses, a patchwork of vineyards and olive groves with sun-drenched stone farmhouses sitting on hilltops surrounded by fields of golden sunflowers. And of course, it is home to world famous medieval cities like Florence and Siena.

Many film makers have used the region’s beautiful landscape as a backdrop to their films, two recent examples being Gladiator and The English Patient, both filmed near San Quirico in the stunning Val d’Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Florence- typical view

Florence is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site (Italy has an unfair share of these!) and is quite rightly considered to be one of the most important Renaissance art and architectural centres in the world. This naturally means that many of its most popular sights, such as the Baptistry and the Duomo, are very popular with tourists. The city has many lovely palaces and gardens and some of those are less crowded. Florence has so much to offer : art galleries including the Uffizi, antique shops, flea markets, bars, restaurants, cafes, enoteche (sort of wine bars) and all kinds of artisan shops. Real estate in Florence comes in many shapes and sizes from a city apartment to a villa in the surrounding hills. Florence makes the perfect base for visiting the ‘Chianti’ part of Tuscany.


Siena- typical view

Siena is situated the middle of Tuscany. Sorry to sound repetitive, but the historic centre is – yes, you’ve guessed - a UNESCO World Heritage Site! This medieval city has Etruscan origins and has wonderful buildings including the magnificent Duomo. Siena is probably most famous for the palio di Siena horserace, held annually on July 2 and August 16, in which bareback riders from ten of the town's 17 city wards (contrade), race three times round the Piazza del Campo. Landscape Properties' office is located just off the campo in Siena (in the contrada of the 'oca' – goose - in case you were wondering!) Much of the real estate in Tuscany we have for sale is near Siena. Buying a home here means you are ideally situated for visiting the Chianti part of Tuscany as well as the Val d’Orcia and the famous ‘crete.’


Lucca- typical view

Lucca in north west Tuscany and is the only town in Italy with a complete city wall which you can walk or cycle around in complete safety. Lucca is a captivating small city that hosts many international music festivals featuring top artists, as well as maintaining strong connections to its medieval past - with pageants, festivals and costumed marches throughout the year. There are also some fabulous shops and restaurants.


As property consultants for those looking for Tuscany real estate we specialise in luxury property in the region. To start your search browse through our listings of Tuscany real estate for sale, but remember that we also have access to other properties not advertised on the open market, so please let us know exactly what you are looking for.

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