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USA Flag
Great Seal Of USA

On this page you will find information about The United States Of America, regarding its culture, travel, hospitality, currency, local attractions, places of interest, history, and other interesting facts.

If you are planning on visiting USA, and would like to get more information about it, you have come to the right place.

For a first time visitor, it is always a culture shock. Most visitors are amazed at how many different cultures and languages are mixed into any given city. Just a short walk in Manhattan will introduce you to a few dozen cultures starting from Indian, Hispanic, Arabic, African and others.

Traveling To USA

Preferred Airlines

KLM Airlines - Fly into New York for less.

Air France Airlines - Special Deals for Flights to US

Flight Search


Visitor Visas

Citizens of most countries require a visa to enter the USA. Visas can be obtained at the US Consulate or US Embassy in your home country.

If you wish to migrate or would like to apply for a resident status of United States or are planning to apply for a work visa, you can contact a lawyer, that will help you with the legalities.

Work Visa

You need to have a valid work visa or be a Legal US Resident to work here. Jobs are always available, and you can either browse the various job boards, classifieds, or visit one of the jobs aggregator sites like Indeed, where you will find jobs listed from all the resources, including company HR pages.

Student Visa

If you are planning on applying for a student visa, you will first need to apply to colleges for admission. F-1 & M-1 Visa Information

Online Travel Deals for Students at

Immigration & Customs

Once you arrive at a US port, you will have to clear Immigration and Customs. Even if that port is not your final destination, you will have to go through Immigration, collect your bags, clear customs and then find your airline carrier's desk or a carousel for re-checking your bags for the final destination. Something that you need to be aware is that your stay in the USA does not depend on the expiration of your visa, but rather on the amount of time given on your I-94 form that you will get stamped by the immigration officer. This I-94 form will be your arrival/departure record. You will need to surrender this to the airline on your way out of the country. Most of the time your I-94 will be stamped with a 6 month validity. If you need to stay longer than the alloted time in the country, you will have to apply for an extension.

Airport Transfers

Once you get out of the airport, you have a few options to get you to your hotel.

  • A lot of the hotels have their own shuttle bus service, which will get you to your hotel.
  • You can save some money by using the Airport Shuttle service which operates at most airports. This service is quite economical, and usually gets you to your hotel or any address pretty fast.
  • Taking a limo, taxi or a cab is another option. This however can be quite expensive, depending on how far you have to go. Most airports have a taxi stand or a certain exit meant to catch a taxi.


When travelling to the USA, make sure you check the weather forecast for the next 10 days atleast. Weather in most parts is quite unpredictable, and therefore it is suggested that you pack accordingly. A good rule of thumb is to pack a light jacket even if you are traveling during summer.

While In The USA

Travel Insurance

You really don't want to fall sick while traveling, no matter what part of the world you are in. Moreover, you don't want to fall sick while traveling to the USA since that will set you back a pretty penny. Just to be on the safe side, make sure you have your travel health insurance prior to the start of your trip. You might also want to get some travel insurance incase of loss of baggage or missed flights due to sickness. These insurances are usually available at some airports also. Click here for a free quote!


When checking into a hotel, most rooms have safes, make sure you utilize that. As safe as the cities can be, you really want to prevent pick pocketing or losing your money and passport. You do not have to walk around with your passport. Just your ID from your home country should be sufficient.

Travel Within USA


Traveling within USA is quite convenient. If you wish to drive yourself, you can apply for an International Driving Permit in your home country, and use that to drive around in the United States. Most of these permits allow you to drive in the USA for 6 months. Also, you can purchase Entertainment Coupon Book for amazing discounts, that will help you save some money. This book contains coupons for dining, hotels, movies, grocery, car rentals and more. It will probably pay for itself in a day.

Rental Cars

Many rental car companies will offer One-way rates, but sometimes you will end up paying the drop off charges also. Best option is to rent and return cars to the same location. Save 5% at Thrifty Car Rental on your travel reservations!

Hotels & Motels

Lodging in the USA is not as complicated as most countries. You have numerous options, whether it is a roadside motel or a 5 Star Luxury Hotel. Deals can be found just by doing a simple search on the internet or using one of the travel portals - Lowest Rates GUARANTEED.

Preferred Accomodations:

Radisson Hotels

Extended Stay Hotels - Fully-equipped kitchens in all suites!

Hotel Search

Air Travel

Besides driving around the country, you also have an option to fly from any corner of the country to the next. Many regional and national air carriers make it extremely convenient. Do keep in mind, that if you wish to use this mode of transportation, make your bookings ahead of time. A 21 day advance fare will be a whole lot cheaper than buying it the day before flying. You can also use Flight Auctions and get some great deals on just flights or packages.

Bus Service

If you are short of cash, or would rather see the beautiful scenery on your trip, and do not wish to drive yourself, you can always use the excellent bus service provided by Greyhound buses. This is a very economical and convenient option. Most cities have multiple Greyhound bus stops, which means that there is probably one close to your hotel at your destination.

Train Service

Taking a train is not the same as taking a train in most countries. Unless you're taking a commuter train, most train journeys are not straight forward. If you plan to taking the scenic route and have extra time to kill, then yes, it's a good option. Amtrak is the most popular train service.

Must See And Must Do In The USA

Must See Cities

Las Vegas -

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. It is no longer a place just for gamblers. Vegas is now an entertainment capital of the world. Many families now travel to Vegas with their kids since there are many options to keep the children entertained. Top Hotel Deals In Las Vegas

Las Vegas Strip

Miami -

Gorgeous weather and beautiful beaches. Miami is also a city for shopaholics. Miami is considered one of the fashion capitals of the world. One of the more popular spots is South Beach, a place full of bars, night clubs and high end shopping. You will also find a good selection of Hotels, international brands like Westin Hotels and Holiday Inn, as well as many boutique hotels.

Miami at night

New York City -

If there is a melting pot of cultures, the New York City is IT! Truly a city that never sleeps. You can walk down Manhattan in the middle of the night to witness the hustle and bustle that you will not find at peak hours in most cities of the world.A brand new way to see New York: New York Pass

Statue Of Liberty

Dallas -

City of Cowboys and Cowboys Cheerleaders. This city is a bustling metropolis, which was built on oil money.


Orlando -

This is a playground that turns an adult into a child. A visit to Disneyworld, or Universal Studios for the rides, or to Epcot Center to brush up on world cultures. This city offers non stop entertainment. Discount Vacation Packages To Orlando However, This is your best option for hotel deals in Orlando


Los Angeles -

Don't be surprised if you run into your favorite Hollywood star or starlet while shopping for that special dress on Rodeo Drive or catch them visiting the local eatery. Los Angeles Getaway Fun Weekends in the Big City: 3-Day Weekend Getaways - Cheap!

Hollywood - Los Angeles

Hawaii -

Golden beaches, amazing sunsets, and serene surroundings make this a perfect vacation spot. There are amazing deals available for hotels and flight combined to Hawaii.

Hawaiian Airlines - Special Offer



There are 3 primary political parties in the USA. Republicans Democrats Libertarians


Dollar - Value of the Dollar fluctuates. You can exchange your money at an exchange counter, or at a local bank. The exchange rates will vary from place to place and it is upto you to find the best rates.

Denominations: Notes: $100, $20, $10, $5, $1 Coins: $1 (you wont see these very often, but they are legal tender), $0.50 (you wont see these very often, but they are legal tender), $0.25, $0.10, $0.05 $0.01


Public Telephones

To make a phone call, a public telephone is probably around the corner of your location. The cost is $0.35 for local calls.

Cell Phones

However, a better bet would be to carry an unlocked GSM phone and purchase a sim card with pre-paid option. You can use T-Mobile or AT&T, which are the 2 National carriers that support GSM and offer a good coverage area. You can also utilize free sms services offered by many websites - Free SMS to send messages to most mobile phones in the USA.

Phone Cards

To call internationally, do not use the hotel phones to call direct. You are better off using the hotel phone along with a phone card.


Internet is available at most hotels, some free and some paid. Most coffee shops also wifi service via T-Mobile Hotspot or any other wifi service. You can also use Voip or Skype Phone to call internationally for free using the hotel internet service.

Real Estate Information

Unlike most countries, foreigners are allowed to invest in properties - land or houses in the USA. However, the laws for purchasing businesses are not the same. You can get more information about real estate in here


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