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How to Unlock Mobile Phones

The most used way to unlock mobile phones is to unlock by cable. This method consists in connecting the mobile phone to the computer with a special cable and with a software you get undo the unlock code. The disadvantage of this method is that is not rentable for any user due to its price (it is very expensive).

Unlock cell phones by IMEI

The another method is to unlock by IMEI. You obtain the unlock codes for our mobile. The advantage of this method is that there is no risk of damaging our phone and can be done since any place without need to go to a specialized store. However, with this method you cannot unlock all brands and in some times you can only unlock specific models. The unlock codes, liberation code, is a code we insert in our mobile phone to unlock mobile phones. So, we can use it with any SIM card of any operator.The unlock codes are gotten in a multitude of Internet Stores. Normally, the price code is around $20. You pay in advance and receive the codes in 24 or 48 hours.