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Welcome to the Video Tutorials page of the Million Dollar Wiki. If you have a website with Video tutorials and would like to add your videos to the list, please send a private message to Jbh.



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GreyBeard's Blender Tutorials
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Digital Photography - Video Tutorials

Digital Photography 101
Flash Photography Tips and Techniques Video Tutorial
Secret Techniques of Professional Digital Photographers
Teeth Whitening Tutorial in Photoshop CS3

Firefox - Video Tutorials

How to install Firefox for Windows How to use Stumbleupon

Gmail - Video Tutorials

How to SignUp for Gmail
Gmail - Howto filter incoming emails
Gmail IMAP for the iPhone

Linux - Video Tutorials

How to Create an ISO Image from a Directory
Linux-HA - Installing Heartbeat (Newbie)
Linux HA - Adding an IP address resource to a cluster (newbie)
Ubuntu Linux / Windows Dual Boot Instructions
Ubuntu Linux: Getting the CD (Video 1)
Ubuntu Linux: Installing the OS (Video 2)

Microsoft Office - Video Tutorials

Part 1: General techniques in Office 2007
Part 2: General techniques in Office 2007
Part 3: General techniques in Office 2007
Part 4: Office 2007 - Microsoft Word

Photo Editing - Video Tutorials

GIMP Tutorial - The User Interface
GIMP Tutorial - Selections
GIMP Tutorial - Face Replace (Part 1)
GIMP Tutorial - Face Replace (Part 2)
GIMP Tutorial - Lightning
GIMP Tutorial - How To Make Lightsabers
How To: Render Images in GIMP
How To: Make a Thumping Picture in GIMP
Teeth Whitening Tutorial in Photoshop CS3

Security - Video Tutorials

Truecrypt 5 Linux Screencast

Screencasting - Video Tutorials

Using Camstudio to Screen Record Video Tutorials
How to create a Linux screencast

Scribus - Video Tutorials

Scribus Video Tutorial Wiki

Video Editing - Video Tutorials

Howto Convert & dl youtube Vids to ipod/mp3/dvd/avi/wmv etc
Save Youtube Vids into editable AVI files or add to iPod mp4
Windows Movie Maker Basic Tutorial
Transcoding from OGG into MP4 using VLC Media Player

Web Application - Video Tutorials

Joomla Video Tutorial Series

Web Development - Video Tutorials

Basic HTML and CSS Tutorial. Howto make website from scratch

Windows - Video Tutorials

How to install and run “Spybot - Search & Destroy”
How to install and run AVG Anti Virus software
Backing up your file in Windows XP
Understanding File Extensions
Introduction to Windows Vista
Dual Boot Vista and XP