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The web is generally known as the World Wide Web, or The Internet. And The Internet is serious business! This series of tubes has been around since sometime in 1989 by a guy named Tim Berners-Lee. This guy worked at CERN, which is a super mega geek center.

This WDM page is all about what you need on the web to make money from the web.

Step 1: Find Reliable Web Hosting

Everyone needs a reliable web host - without one, your business is at a standstill. Needless to say, if you value your online business, you'll value your hosting provider. Check out the hosting offers I found online:

Step 2: Find Web Tracking Software

The #1 rule on the Internet is to track everything. Ours is rule #2 :-) And I mean everything. Hits, visitors, users, bots and even squirrels (if they happen to have an internet connection.) The Only Option is Google Analytics. Yes, Google Analytics is literally the only option you need. It's free, and has just about all the options any other tracking software has. It's also extremely easy to use - you just create your account, log in, get some code, and paste it into the pages you want tracked. Once installed on your site, it will give you all kinds of data about your visitors. It even allows you to setup goals so that you can track how people are converting through your online processes. It works well, it's simple, it's reliable and it's free.

Step 3: Create Your Web Content

The content you put on your website is what sells your product and/or service to your visitors. Without an effective message, you won't sell yourself to other people. Good content will also provide search engines with good information about you, your product, your brand or your service. This is also, without a doubt, the hardest part about putting yourself online. I don't have a whole lot of helpful links for this, because I think you should generally come up with your own unique content in order to create a successful site.

Step 4: Profit

Monetizing your site is done in many ways. Some people/companies monetize soley on traffic. Other sell a product or service. Your monetization isn't limited to any one option, although you'll want to be careful that the options you choose aren't competing with one another. You wouldn't want to sell one widget while advertising a competing widget on your site too. There are quite a few advertising options that you have:


There are a lot more things that will be added to this page in the future. It you have suggestions or have information you'd like displayed on this page, please fill out this form