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Work at Home

Design your own business so you can work at home

Use one of your talents or interests to come up with a business idea. Whether you enjoy helping people, creating art or gardening, think of a unique way to offer something people will be willing to pay for. Running your own business is one of the easiest ways to work from home. By Eileen Figure Sandlin

Interior design

Interior designers, or decorators update the appearance and functionality of interior spaces in both residential and business buildings. Many specialize in a particular type of design, like kitchens or lighting, and many add to their income by selling decorative products like accessories and furniture. More...

Interior redesign

Imagine taking stock of a person’s furnishings and decorative accessories, then rearranging or “repurposing” them in the same space. That’s the function of the interior redesigner, who uses design skills similar to those of the interior redesigner to work his or her magic. There are actually two career paths in interior redesign. The first is in residential or commercial redesign; the second is in real estate staging, in which the redesigner sizes up a home for sale and makes improvement and updating suggestions that can help the home sell faster. More...

Professional organizer

Professional organization is another field that’s still beginning but growing fast. Professional organizers cut through the clutter in people’s homes and businesses to help them live simpler, more organized lives. They also develop customized organizational plans using filing and storage systems that their clients can live with and maintain easily. More...


This is the field that Bob Vila single-handedly launched in the mid-70s and is being perpetuated today by shows like “Restore America.” Restoration/preservation professionals (also known as conservationists) may specialize in one type of home project, such as carpentry, or may act as general contractors and handle various types of projects on homes and businesses that were built before 1930. Anything after that date is considered to be from the modern era.More...

Faux painting

This art form is usually practiced by true artists, although it is possible to learn. “The key to success is being able to follow step-by-step instructions and take your time,” said faux painter Brian Bullard, owner of The Decorative Arts Center in St. Louis. More...

Get started with your business

A great advantage of a home design business is that it can be operated out of your home. That keeps overhead low, and you may be able to take a home business deduction on your taxes. If you start as a sole proprietorship, you will have few paperwork requirements when it comes to filing taxes. You can operate any of these businesses without employees, and you often can start out with tools and materials you already have. More...


Once you find the perfect job for you to work at home, be sure to spend plenty of time marketing your products and/or services. For some great ideas on how to get started or for a complete list of Risk-Free marketing services, check out San Luis Obispo Marketing & Web Design