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Baseball’s biggest time of the year is, undoubtedly, the World Series. Here you get to see the rewards of over 8 months of hard work and positioning come to fruition, provided your team was actually good enough to make it. The World Series is still one of the most hallowed championships and the players who perform well become legendary figures in the eyes of baseball pundits and fans alike.

If you haven’t had a chance to take all that makes the World Series amazing in, you may want to add another goal to you list of things to do, especially if you have a team that’s good enough to be taking part in the festivities. Chances like these don’t come around every year and if the team you root for is lucky enough to be apart of a World Series, you owe it to yourself to see them play in person.

World Series Memories

It’s not everyday you get to witness sports greatness in person and that’s just what the World Series of Baseball provides: the chance to see something that won’t be forgotten. If you are a fan of Major League Baseball, check out a list of recent pennant winners.

1995: Atlanta Braves -- Cleveland Indians

1996: Atlanta Braves -- New York Yankees

1997: Florida Marlins -- Cleveland Indians

1998: San Diego Padres -- New York Yankees

1999: Atlanta Braves -- New York Yankees

2000: New York Mets -- New York Yankees

2001: Arizona Diamondbacks -- New York Yankees

2002: San Francisco Giants -- Anaheim Angels

2003: Florida Marlins -- New York Yankees

2004: St. Louis Cardinals -- Boston Red Sox

2005: Houston Astros -- Chicago White Sox

2006: St. Louis Cardinals -- Detroit Tigers

In doing so, you will remember a certain player or a particular hit or pitch that for some reason resonated through your being. If you were there to see the World Series live; the sights, sounds, and smells will live on in your memories forever.

Acquiring World Series Tickets

Gaining attendance to the World Series is easier than you think. Although seats sell out almost immediately, access to a ticket broker allows you to buy these coveted tickets with guaranteed protection. The Ticket Solutions' extensive Major League Baseball inventory allows for ticket sales to Baseball’s grand finale all year round. Baseball fans owe it themselves to make at least one World Series. Consider it a personal journey to be among greatness.