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[[Image:Appletv_small.jpg]]   [[Image:Apple_macbook_pro_small.gif]]  [[Image:Sony_tv_small.gif]]  [[Image:Buell_small.gif]]  [[Image:Mini_small.jpg]]
[[Image:Ipod_touch_small.jpg]]   [[Image:Apple_macbook_pro_small.gif]]  [[Image:Sony_tv_small.gif]]  [[Image:Buell_small.gif]]  [[Image:Mini_small.jpg]]

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BassaBids - Online Auctions

Bassabids logo small.jpg

BassaBids was started in October 2006 and is the brain child of two die-hard online auction participants who thought there must be a better way to get great goods at lower prices through online auctions.

What this means is that you can get yourself a brand new Apple TV for $0.01, or a brand new Ipod for $0.18! Have a look at the auction winners page to see all the bargains won by people just like you.

To win any of these goods at auction at a fraction of their retail price Signup Here.

Ipod touch small.jpg Apple macbook pro small.gif Sony tv small.gif Buell small.gif Mini small.jpg