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Beauty and Skincare

Beauty is only skin deep but it doesn't stop [most of] us trying to look good. With a wealth of beauty products and treatments available to help us in our quests, we can all have a little help in the areas we need them.

Of course, beauty is only skin deep and the balance with inner beauty is essential for attraction.

Beauty Treatments

There are a whole host of beauty treatments available for relaxation, exfoliation, detoxing and smoothing...


A facial usually comprises of a relaxing shoulder, back and neck massage with treatment to the face.

Again, there are different types of facial, using different techniques, that treat the skin on the face, exfoliating and cleansing leaving your face feeling smooth and refreshed.


A manicure is treatment for hands and nails. A massage of the hands is combined with techniques to clean, shape and hlpe your nails become stronger, as well as care for cuticles.


There are many different types of body massage, with many salons opting for a style of massage led by their product supplier to deliver maximum relaxation.

The Thai massage is a commonly known massage but the benefits of all types of massage include healing, relieving stress, managing localised pain and improving your circulation.


A pedicure is effectively a manicure for the feet, with massage techniques and nail care to help improve the appearance of your feet and toe nails. A pedicure may also involve removal of dead skin from the soles of your feet.


Reflexology is a pressure-point massage of the feet to stimulate and heal different areas of the body. Reflexology encourages the body to work naturally to restore its own healthy balance and has been shown to be effective for many common ailments.


Threading is ancient method of hair removal with origins in Arabia and South Asia. This delicate procedure is suitable for even the most sensitive areas of skin, such as the face and around the eyes and lip and involves the use of a thread, that is twisted along the hairline to remove individual hairs.


Waxing is a way of removing unwanted hair from the root. The effects last for up to eight weeks. Almost any area of the body is fine for waxing and the most common areas for waxing are eyebrows, face (chin and lip), legs, arms, back, abdomen and feet. Waxing is also used in the bikini area with special names for different waxing:

  • Brazilian (or landing strip) - a small strip of hair
  • Hollywood - everything off
  • Playboy - in between the Brazilian and Hollywood

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