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Entrecredits are Profitable


I have posted over 50,000 credits on eBay roughly to the tune of $300 in the last two weeks. Along with the credits posted on eBay I have a few deals worked out with people for a discounted sale of credits totaling another $100+. In all the last two weeks have made me over $400 in entrecredit sales. Sadly, this is not the most I could do. If I were to up how many accounts I have and purchase more credits I would venture to guess I could probably make another $100 a week. So there you have it. Entrecredits are profitable. If you are interested in profiting from entrecard credits vs. paying for entrecard credits shoot me an email.

Major auction to come on eBay


I am planning on collecting credits for a major auction on eBay, I am talking a lot more than 10,000 credits here. So to say I am well on my way and should be posting the auction on eBay in about a week. If you would like to be on a mailing list for this auction please send a quick message to I have had quite a bit of interest in this and would love to make this a big event. Until then I leave you with one more auction on eBay. "5,000 Entrecard Credits" I have started the bid at $1 and want to see where it goes from there. Check it out and happy bidding.

Auctioning Entrecard Credits on eBay


After the success of selling the first batch of Entrecard Credits here on the Million Dollar Wiki I thought I would try and auction the next set. Here is the link for the auction "10,000 Entrecard Credits" I have started the bid at $1 and want to see where it goes from there. Check it out and happy bidding.

Purchase Entrecard credits?


Update these credits have been bought after five hours.

What would you do with 10,000 Entrecard Credits?

How many blogs could you post your ad on? How many days could you run your ad on one of the tops blogs like or By my calculations, at 250 credits a day it would take 10,000 credits to run your ad for 40 days.

How much are these credits worth?

That is the million dollar question. John Chow charges $500 dollars a month for a 125 x 125 ad on his blog. John Chow also has an Entrecard on his blog. His Entrecard is just below the fold on the same sides of his ads. So, hypothetically, if the real estate on his blog is worth $250 per month, then that ad would be worth about $8.50 a day. But this ad space on his site charges Entrecard credits. It would take roughly 10,000 credits to advertise on John Chow's blog for one month.

How can I get the most BANG for my buck?

A consistent reader of any publication (including blogs) is most likely to click, read, visit or look up the ad they are presented with during the first few days. So, beaucoup credits, on lots of sites, equal a ton of visits.

How much?

How much is relative to how much value you attach to your time. If it takes you 45 minutes to drop 300 cards and you can then advertise your card on John Chow or Probloggers website, then you can figure that would probably be worth it. Typically, it is hard to get on the top bloggers page due to a constantly full queue. This means you will be more likely to post your ad on smaller less developed blogs. By placing your ad on blogs with x number of RSS subscribers for a couple days at a time, you will gain just as much attention as a one day shot with the big dogs. Imagine the ad campaign you could run with 10-20,000 credits in order to build your readership and traffic flow.

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