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Ad Flipping


A new Internet advertising strategy called Entrecard can benefit you and your blog. It uses a strategy called ad flipping. Ad flipping allows you to buy someone else’s ad space and resell it. Entrecard does this by using credits.

It’s hard to break through and earn money through advertising when there are so many monopolies already out there. Where I live there is a billboard company that owns at least 90% of the billboard advertising space in the local area. The owners of the company are earning a nice revenue stream from these ads. Another example is Google, the largest advertiser online.

So how can you compete against these companies?

Well, you could try to create a competitor to Google, but that’s not easy. How about just create a social networking site and harvest information to be sold? Nah, I think that's been done too many times already. Better yet, you could interrupt someone’s daily life with a 15-second ad clip or full page ad in front and center of the article he or she wants to read. Unfortunately, this will probably make people want to throw things, not support your sponsor. Or, you could provide people something free, like broadband Internet. It would be free on the condition that the user has to put up with your ads. Aw forget it, that'll never work.

How about ad flipping?

On John Chow's blog, somebody bought an ad space and then turned around and sold it for even more. Instead of selling it by the month, this person successfully broke it up into smaller amounts of time. This worked really well because after the shock value of the ad wore off and the click through rate dropped, the ad was changed and the cycle repeated. Second, it made that person more money. Entrecard is a platform doing exactly the same thing by only allowing ad space to be bought by the day.

With Entrecard, you can try out ad space before you buy it. For free you can place your ad on someone’s page and see what kind of click through rate you obtain for your ad. If the numbers turn out to your liking, why not buy actual ad space from that site? Some bloggers charge hundreds for their ad space. With Entrecard you can try it and see if your ad fits the audience of a certain blog. The blogger will benefit because down the road you might actually purchase some ad space.

One blog is good, but 100 are better.

Imagine you are just starting out in the blogging world and have finally put together a decent blog with good content. Why not bank roll a few Entrecard credits and plaster the Blogoshere with your icon everywhere? If your blog is decent, most people will accept to place your icon on their pages. Then watch over the next week where all of your traffic is coming from. Once you know where your traffic is coming from, you can target those top referring pages for even better results. I am sure any number of deals can be arranged to benefit you both.


iGold (internet gold). This is the new commodity of the future. The first to discover or create this form of gold will in fact become rich. Will ad flipping be this new gold? Only time will tell.



What I failed to mention in the last post was that although I had made $400 from the sale of entrecredits I spent roughly $250 doing so. That means I netted about $150 in the last 2-3weeks from the sale of entrecredits. Don't quit your day job yet ;) The average price I received for a 5,000 credit auction was $38.40. If you take that amount and minus out the eBay fee and Paypal fee I am looking at about $35 in the bank. With that said. The credits on eBay are selling for roughly .007 each. When I buy credits from others or off of eBay I never pay more than .006 for them. These numbers I am sharing come for the average of 7 auctions. I feel the auctions can bring in a bit higher price if I had listed them all at optimal times. Some of the auctions were placed at poor times and for short durations. For now I will stick to the eBay 101 guide for auctioning things.

Entrecredits are Profitable


I have posted over 50,000 credits on eBay roughly to the tune of $300 in the last two weeks. Along with the credits posted on eBay I have a few deals worked out with people for a discounted sale of credits totaling another $100+. In all the last two weeks have made me over $400 in entrecredit sales. Sadly, this is not the most I could do. If I were to up how many accounts I have and purchase more credits I would venture to guess I could probably make another $100 a week. So there you have it. Entrecredits are profitable.

Major auction to come on eBay


I am planning on collecting credits for a major auction on eBay, I am talking a lot more than 10,000 credits here. So to say I am well on my way and should be posting the auction on eBay in about a week. If you would like to be on a mailing list for this auction please send a quick message to I have had quite a bit of interest in this and would love to make this a big event. Until then I leave you with one more auction on eBay. "5,000 Entrecard Credits" I have started the bid at $1 and want to see where it goes from there. Check it out and happy bidding. Update: I am to inpatient to hold out for a large auction at this time and dont feel like buying that many credits and sitting on them at once.

Auctioning Entrecard Credits on eBay


After the success of selling the first batch of Entrecard Credits here on the Million Dollar Wiki I thought I would try and auction the next set. Here is the link for the auction "10,000 Entrecard Credits" I have started the bid at $1 and want to see where it goes from there. Check it out and happy bidding. Update: these sold for $61, meaning more money to be made in smaller dominations.

                 <entrecard id="156" size="250"></entrecard>

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