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Flying to another country for a romantic trip, business or holiday is affordable for the majority of people with, for example, cheap flights to Paris from the UK start from as little as £35 one-way including taxes.

More ideas on how to get cheap flights coming soon, but in the meantime, why not try a search below and see how much you can save..

Some places to look for low cost flights include:


- British Airways


- Emirates

To get the best deals try booking as soon as possible and don't leave it until the last minute as ticket prices rise closer to the departure date, and/or as the available tickets get sold.

Flying to Spain and Advance Passenger Information

If you are flying to Spain you will need to consider the Advance Passenger Information requirement of needs to supply various pieces of information before you fly - although it is still possible to provide this at the airport before you depart.

Airport Security

In recent years, the flying anywhere has meant navigating airport security (often with delays) and the security has increased dramatically with numerous constraints in place for passengers. Read our comprehensive guide to airport security.