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Do you have a college football team? If not, you are missing out on a segment of Saturdays in the fall and winter that personify the sports fan experience. That’s right; I’m talking about college football Saturdays in America. There is nothing that compares to getting to a college football stadium early enough to enjoy all of the food, beer, and fan camaraderie you can fit into an afternoon day… and if the game is an evening kick-off, it gives even more time to enjoy the pregame festivities.

In some cases, some tailgaters get started in the early morning and go right on through the evening – again, providing one of the best sports fan experiences you can ask for.

In fact, you don’t necessarily have to be a big fan of a particular school to enjoy a college football Saturday. If you like being around rowdy folks that usually have a lot of food and libations, then you need to find the biggest school near your location and look into joining the tailgating fun. And you never know, you may end up rooting the team on, which will only add to your enjoyment.

With the non-stop parties going on in the stadium parking area, sometimes people forget there’s an actual game to be played. If you actually decide to venture inside the stadium to catch the game, you will not be disappointed. There’s an argument that college athletics inspire more loyalty than their professional counterparts because of the removal of salaries and free agency. Nowhere is this argument more personified than in college football. Watching two teams pound on each other for three hours, all because of the name of the school they are attending demonstrates the beauty of amateur athletics and why fans get so fired up for their team.

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