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Do you know what it takes to make your first million?

"I just need that one good idea. Then everything will fall into place."

Really? I know at least 10 people with great ideas who aren't millionaires (and won't ever be, either).

The truth is, making a million isn't just about having a good idea.

In fact, a good idea won't even get you half way to your first million.

Here's the secret 3-step formula - here's why even some guys and gals with ordinary ideas still get rich while some geniuses stay poor:

  1. Execution - doing the deed
  2. Selling - closing the deal
  3. Automating - take yourself out of the loop

That's what separates the millionaires from the internet forum wannabes.

That's what the difference is between the dudes driving Porsches and the people stuck in old Datsuns.

Let's take a look at those three steps in more detail.


Here's a great piece of advice I was once given: Use It or Lose It…

  • Got a great idea for a website? Do it now - if it's any good, someone else will do it if you wait too long.
  • Red-hot idea for a new shop or restaurant? Make it happen. Lease a unit, hire staff and go to it. If you don't, the chance will pass you by.
  • Are you dreaming of a product that would take the world by storm? It won't do that while it's just in your head.

One thing's for sure - no one ever made a million just by thinking about something…


Yeah, I know… good ideas sell themselves, don't they?

You're a tech guy and you hate talking to people…doesn't matter online, does it?

You can't write… doesn't matter, people will use your website anyway - won't they?

Hell no. I'm sorry, but that's just not the way the world works. If people don't know you are there, 99 times out of 100 they won't come looking for you.

They'll go with the guy or gal who finds them. The one who takes the time and trouble to talk to them, explain how they can help and closes the deal.

Shouldn't that be you?


This is the great part. This is where you really start living the dream.

Watching the money roll in from your beachfront home.

Paying other people to do the things you don't want to do.

Making damn sure that it won't be you who suffers career burn out from too many late nights in the office or on the road.

So What Are You Offering Me?

First of all, here's what I'm not offering you:

I'm not going to promise to show you how to make a million

Let's be honest - if I knew a secret formula for making millions on auto pilot, why would I share it with you? I'd be raking in the millions myself before heading for an early retirement in the Cayman Islands.

No, the only people who will promise you the world are the ones who are getting rich from what they are selling you - nothing else.

Here's what I offer you:

I'll help you make your first million.

I'm a copywriter.

I offer salesmanship in writing. My overriding goal is for my writing to make my clients rich.

There's no magic about this and I can't promise you instant results.

You'll still need to develop and promote your business. You'll still need to put in long hours behind the scenes, finding leads and making useful contacts.

What I can promise is that I will do everything possible to make sure that when your prospects make contact with your business, everything they see in writing will bring them closer to opening their wallets and signing on the line.

Sounds fair? I think so.

If you'd like to learn more about me, my business or the help I can offer you, why not contact me?




I look forward to hearing from you.


Roland Head

P.S. Remember - "you've go to be in it to win it!"