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Jennifer Osborn's Custom Jewelry Wiki Page.

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It's easy to go to the mall and buy the same shinny thing that everyone else is wearing but do you or everyone really want to do that? Some people like to express them selfs as individuals and unique jewelry for a women can do just that. Wouldn't it be nice to wear something that no one else has and the fact that no one else can buy it because it's a one of a kind? All of our Jewelry is handed crafted by me and each piece is sold without replicas, so you will have the only one we made.

The idea of custom jewelry is for it to be unique and that is what my jewelry making is all about it.

As a women I naturally love jewelry and the fact that I have been into arts and crafts every since I was very young girl. I also take pride in my work and like to use higher quality beads and findings. My work highlights – swarovski crystals, swarovski pearls, gemstones beads, quality glass beads, etc. I also like to use silver and gold plated findings.

Finding a good deal has been a ch artistic I have always had, and their is nothing more than the feeling of getting a good buy. With this notion I try to project quality work with affordable prices when selling my custom jewelry, that way both parties can walk out happy.

So if your looking for something fun, unique, custom, stylish, and affordable then don't hesitate to check out online store. Also, if you don't find what you want please contact me, and I can arrange a custom build based on your needs. I have made many arrangements for weddings, parties, Baby Showers, and etc. so just let me know what you are looking for.

The History of Jewelry

I think to really appreciate Jewelry it's good to know a little history about where it all got started and who the first where to start making it.

"The word jewellery is derived from the word jewel, which was anglicised from the Old French "jouel" in around the 13th century. Further tracing leads back to the Latin word "jocale", meaning plaything. Jewellery is one of the oldest forms of body adornment; recently found 100,000 year-old Nassarius shells that were made into beads are thought to be the oldest known jewellery." - Wikipedia

In the past Jewelry has been used for many different things.

  • Currency (Wealth Display) and Storage
  • Functional (Clasp, Buckles, pin, etc.)
  • Symbolic (To show ones status)
  • Protection (in the form of a wand)
  • Artistic Display

"The first signs of jewellery came from the Cro-Magnons, ancestors of Homo sapiens, around 40,000 years ago. The Cro-Magnons originally migrated from the Middle East to settle in Europe and replace the Neanderthals as the dominant species. The jewellery pieces they made were crude necklaces and bracelets of bone, teeth and stone hung on pieces of string or animal sinew, or pieces of carved bone used to secure clothing together. In some cases, jewellery had shell or mother-of-pearl pieces. In southern Russia, carved bracelets made of mammoth tusk have been found. Most commonly, these have been found as grave-goods. Around 7,000 years ago, the first sign of copper jewellery was seen." - Wikipedia

For more information on the history of Jewelry visit Wikipedia.

Modern Jewelry

Blue Bracelet

Today Jewelry is all about fashion, It's about expressing yourself to the world.

In modern days there a so many different was to be fashionable especially when trying to obtain the Hollywood image. Rock Stars might where silver spikes and huge stud earrings while others might want to more look elegant and beautiful.

More coming soon...