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Welcome to the Dentist's Page - Check Dr. Chetan's Blog and Dentist Glossary

Definition of a dentist - A dentist is a person who is qualified to perform surgeries on teeth, gums, and other tissues in the mouth. Normally, a person who qualifies with the degree BDS(Bachelor of Dental Sciences) is referred to as a Dentist.


How do you choose a good dentist?

There's an old cliche that a man is more likely to change his wife more often than his dentist - and some would say with good reason. Once a reliable, trustworthy practitioner has been found, a lifelong relationship often ensues. But what steps should one take when seeking a trusty dental practitioner?

Personal recommendation can often lead to first contact. Seek the recommendation of friends and family who are not afraid to give frank opinion. This will give you a number of solid leads to pursue. Once you have a list of firm recommendations, visit each dentist's office and get a feel for the way in which it is run. Does the practice ethos and ideas on health care match your own?

Some cheaper practices rely on quicker patient turnaround and might lack the level of personal care some seek. Stay around for a little while and try to gauge how patients are treated. Ultimately, seek to strike the balance between finances and personal care that best matches your needs and budget. Engage staff in conversation and ensure they are suitably amicable and caring. If staff appear to be under stress and overworked, patient care might suffer. Also ensure the necessary qualifications are displayed.

Does the physical appearance of the practice indicate that it has been well maintained? Look for signs of neglect and move on if you notice signs of unnecessary neglect, you might wish to move on to the next on your list. Ensure that the practice hours suit your schedule. Many dental practices offer hours to cater for those who work a regular 9 to 5 schedule, opening either early morning or staying open some evenings.

With methodical consideration and by following these simple recommendations, the task of finding a caring, qualified dental practitioner from whom you'll enjoy a lifetime's compassionate care should be a shade simpler.