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Top 3 Gadgets You Don't Know About

  • How Annoying!

Annoy-A-Tron The Annoy-a-tron generates a short (but very annoying, hence the name) beep every few minutes. Your unsuspecting target will have a hard time 'timing' the location of the sound because the beeps will vary in intervals ranging from 2 to 8 minutes. The 2kHz sound is generically annoying enough, but if you really really want to aggravate somebody, select the 12 kHz sound.

  • Not even the Terminator had one of these

Bluetooth Laser Keyboard This tiny device laser-projects a keyboard on any flat surface... you can then type away accompanied by simulated key click sounds. It really is true future magic at its best. You'll be turning heads the moment you pull this baby from your pocket and use it to compose an e-mail on your bluetooth enabled PDA or Cell Phone. With 63 keys and and full size QWERTY layout the Laser Virtual Keyboard can approach typing speeds of a standard keyboard... in a size a little larger than a matchbook.

  • From the eyes of the paperboy

Helmet Cam Mounted to your helmet is the Helmet Action Cam! Your camera, coupled with a big fat SD card that you supply yourself, can record more than 13 hours of video! That's almost your whole waking day! Certainly something will happen during the day that you can capture and document.

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