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Flicks on the Million Dollar Wiki!!FlicksHeader.jpg

Welcome to Flicks!!! The Million Dollar Wiki Home for Movies, DVDs and political satire. Ok, not political satire (unless its in a movie of course!) I am pretty excited about this site!! (hence all of the exclamation points!!) Check back often for movie recommendations, news, and more!!

As an initial matter, many of you may be asking yourself, “why is a movie site on the Million Dollar Wiki called Flicks?" Well, allow me to explain. “Flick” is a slang term for a motion picture. A motion picture is more commonly known as a movie. A movie can also be called a film. A film . . . well you get the point.

So there you have it. A “Flick” is a movie. Further questions can be directed to your local Google search engine. If you need an explanation on how to use Google, well, I really don’t understand how you got here.

Anyway, let’s start this off right. How about a movie recommendation for a movie I haven’t even seen yet? I plan to watch Knocked Up this week on DVD. I didn’t catch it in the theater, but from what I heard it is great. If it isn’t, well, I will be sure to change the content of this page as soon as I am done watching it. If it is great, I will let you know by changing the content of this page as soon as I am done watching it. So, either way, expect some new content here soon.

Oh, and here is the trailer . . .

<youtube v="e09DlZY5Czg" />

Check out flickslists.com.