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For Sale

Why sell Las Vegas for $50 with the ad strip or $545 without the ad strip? I will explain, first this page has made an averaging of .15 per day from ad clicks and sales since its creation. So, the price of $545 is an average of .10 a day for the remaining 15 years. If you bought this page and did nothing more to monetize it other than change my ads into your ads, you would end up with a profit of $275. Now, I know there is a lot more potential than that for this page. I just do not have enough time in the day to babysit all the pages I own. I have been working on other plans.

This leads me to selling the page for $50 with the ad strip left on the page for the life of the page. Our ad strip in the first month has received over 7,000 views and counting. It is on 3 paid for wiki sites and counting. We are going to be expanding the ad program for targeted advertising for wiki pages and profiting wiki page owners. So, in the long run, I would recover the cost of selling the page for $50 through the sales of the ad space and ad revenue. More to come about the ad strip. If you are interested in buying this page for either the flat rate price of $545 or a discounted price of $50 with the ad strip left in place. Please send an email And yes the page is indexed by Google