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Definition of a Marathon

A "Marathon" is a long-distance run of 26 miles 385 yards, or 42.195 km.

My Story

On Oct 29th of this year, 2007, I completed my first marathon, the Adidas Dublin Marathon, in the capitol of the Republic of Ireland. It was also my first race, and despite finishing in the mid 6,000 range, I am very proud to have completed it. Initially, after completing it, having one long pint of Guinness, and recovering for a few days, I was very eager to talk to other marathoners, specifically those whose done the Dublin Marathon, but really anyone. I looked around the net, but I didn't find anything specific to the Dublin run, so I filled the gap.

My site, has only one purpose, to connect past, present and future marathon runners. Don't let the name fool you, I welcome anyone from any part of the world with any level of experience, and I'll create a forum for any marathon event you want (as long as it's real:D).

This site currently has 3 main areas


The Forums are free to browse anonymously, and you only have to register to post (to avoid spam and that kind of thing). If you don't find a forum for the topic or event you are interested in, e-mail me (through the forums, to avoid spam:D) and I'll create one, if it's appropriate.

I know that the forums are pretty sparse now, but the only way they'll get going is if you post and help me out. It's free, I don't keep any info about you, other than your e-mail address (and even then, only if you register) and I'm just a college student who likes running and wants to connect with others like me, all over the world, so help me out :).


The gallery is where you can post photos of yourself, jogging, training, on race day, recovering, or anything else decent and race related. Again, these are just up and brand new, so be the first to post your photos!


The Blog is where I will keep everyone up-to-date on updates, plans, etc about the site, and, of course, take suggestions. I welcome all suggestions and criticisms, so drop a look in here if you're interested!

Old Blog

This part of the site is a legacy from my previous use for this domain name, which was a personal blog about training for the marathon. I felt so grateful to everyone who read it and commented that I couldn't discard it, so for the moment it's available here.