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This email contains important information for your Million Dollar Wiki account. Your username is "$2" It is case sensitive. It is good for one month to edit your wiki page, after which the content is set in stone, so to speak.

To confirm that this account really does belong to you and activate e-mail features on Million Dollar Wiki, open this link in your browser: $3

For a reference guide to using the wiki editor, see

Our wiki editor allows text, images, links, and youtube videos. Adding them to your page is outlined in the guide above.

You can place your own Google Adsense Ads in your page if you like. To do so, email us an html file with the ad script in it, or simply email us the ad script and tell us where on the page you want it. Send it to

If you want to create an html file for your page, as an alternative to using the wiki editor, you can send it to Be sure to include files of any images you want to appear in the page.

Thank you for adding to the Million Dollar Wiki! G