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++++++++++++++++++++ ACCOUNT INFORMATION ++++++++++++++++++++ This email contains important information for your Million Dollar Wiki account. Your username is $2 Your password is being sent in another email for security purposes. You can log in and edit your page whenever you like. In the event you sell your page, you can no longer edit it.

++++++++++++++++++++ VERIFY ACCOUNT ++++++++++++++++++++ To confirm that this account really does belong to you and activate e-mail features on Million Dollar Wiki, open this link in your browser: $3

++++++++++++++++++++ OWNERS MANUAL ++++++++++++++++++++ Please read the MDW Page Owners Manual entirely. It will fill you in on the basics of page ownership.

++++++++++++++++++++ MDW Forum ++++++++++++++++++++ Please sign up for the forum at It was started by someone who bought a page, but we thought it was such a good idea we want everyone to join it. You can tell everyone when you update your page, you can ask people what they'd like to see on your page, and you can join in the general community discussion. You can also use the forum for technical support related issues.

++++++++++++++++++++ USING THE WIKI EDITOR ++++++++++++++++++++ Edit your page by logging in, going to the page for your word, and clicking "edit" at the bottom of the page. Make sure not to touch the line that says: security:edit|$2. This is what allows only you to edit your page. For a reference guide to using the wiki editor, see Our wiki editor allows text, images, links, and youtube videos. Adding them to your page is outlined in the guide above.

++++++++++++++++++++ ADDING IMAGES ++++++++++++++++++++ Adding images to your page is simple. First, upload your images to MDW by clicking "upload file" at the bottom of any page. You must be logged in. Alternatively, you can use this link to add up to five images at a time: Once the images are uploaded, click the image button at the top of the wiki editor when editing your page. Specify the name of your image and you're done.

++++++++++++++++++++ GOOGLE ADSENSE ++++++++++++++++++++ You can place your own Google Adsense Ads in your page if you like. To do so, email us an html file with the ad script in it, or simply email us the ad script and tell us where on the page you want it. Send it to

Alternatively, you can put the google ads in an html file hosted on your own server, and display them on your wiki page using by adding this code to the wiki editor:

Please note you'll have to adjust the height and width to get it just right for your page, and you'll have to make sure the website= points to your website and the file with your google ads.

++++++++++++++++++++ HTML FOR YOUR PAGE ++++++++++++++++++++ If you want to create an html file for your page, as an alternative to using the wiki editor, you can send it to Be sure to include files of any images you want to appear in the page.

Alternatively, you can include any html file on your own hosting/server by using this code in the wiki editor:

Just make sure the website= your website and you will have to adjust the height and width to get it just right.

Thank you for adding to the Million Dollar Wiki! If you have any questions, or need any help setting up your page just right, email me directly at:

Thanks again! Graham