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($100 - Supply Limited, 8,950 Remaining)</center>
($100 - Supply Limited, 8,950 Remaining)</center>
<font size=3> '''Earn a profit from selling pages.''' </font>
* Buy pages in bulk and resell those pages for a profit.
* Receive a competitive discount by purchasing pages in bulk.
* Resell pages as a credit towards a new page or develop the pages to resell for higher profits.
* Limited number of resellers will be allowed so secure your spot today. '''10''' reseller spots remaining.
* For more information contact: '''graham[at]milliondollarwiki.com'''

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Own a page and enjoy the benefits:

  • Share traffic generated by the entire community, and by our advertising dollars.
  • Secure all the long-term SEO benefits of a keyword on an increasingly popular and well-indexed site.
  • Get on the home page, in front of thousands of eyes, when you create a great looking page.
  • Raise awareness of your website, product, or service.
  • Make a unique investment for $6.67 per year:

      $100 divided by 15 years min. site life = $6.67 per year.

  • Join a resourceful community of motivated entrepreneurs.
  • Receive storage space on our server for your page's content.
  • First class customer support.

Earn a profit from owning a page.

  • Sell products or services from your page.
  • Utilize advertising programs like Google AdSense.
  • Resell your developed or popular page.
  • See our Case Studies.
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($100 - Supply Limited, 8,950 Remaining)