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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Million Dollar Wiki?

The Million Dollar Wiki is basically a pay-per-page wiki site. It is similar in structure and function to Wikipedia in that there will be a page for literally everything. However, instead of being open for anyone to edit, one person owns each wiki page and controls its content.

The goal is to develop a thriving community of page owners and developers while selling 10,000 pages at $100 each. Since it's launch, Million Dollar Wiki has already become a micro-economy of pages filled with informative, entertaining and resourceful content.

Who created the Million Dollar Wiki?

The Million Dollar Wiki was created by Graham Langdon, a 21 year old senior from the University of Connecticut. Instantly drawn to wikis as a revolutionary platform, Graham started thinking about more practical applications and potential business models. After a concept breakthrough, Graham Langdon invented the pay-per-page wiki business model and transformed the whole idea into the Million Dollar Wiki.

How does The Million Dollar Wiki work?

Every page is dedicated to a unique word or phrase. The content on each page is controlled by the page’s owner. Owners use the site, and specifically their page, as a vehicle to generate traffic, revenue or publicity.

Who owns pages?

Anyone who want to raise product awareness, increase their website’s traffic, improve their website’s SEO, develop their name, build their web presence, or make a profit from resale of the page at a later date.

As a wiki page owner, YOU decide what content to publish on that page. People have used their pages to set up forums, post their blog feeds, display YouTube videos, sell art, put up their own Google ads, and so much more. The possibilities are far and wide.

How much does a page cost?

Each wiki page only costs a one time fee of $100.

Why do pages cost $100?

First and foremost, your hundred dollars goes towards the costs of running this site and keeping it online for a minimum of 15 years. With that considered, your cost per wiki page is under $7 per year. The high traffic levels generated by the Million Dollar Wiki requires a dedicated server with an on-call server administrator. The fees will cover costs for this entire time.

Secondly, we help direct traffic to our customer's pages so they will be seen by real people. We don't expect you to build a page and not have anyone see it. A percentage of our revenue goes right back into the Million Dollar Wiki as we spend money to bring real visitors to our customers' pages and our community.

Having a fee also allows us to screen who owns pages and bring value to the site. There is an increasing number of redundant user-generated websites that allow anyone to own a page and they attract spammers, vulgar content, predators, abandoned pages and people who devalue the community. This is a major turnoff to new and returning visitors, while there are less people willing to waste others' time if there is a fee involved.

The Million Dollar Wiki was an experiment that has turned into a serious business. We seek to provide an excellent service and value to our wiki page owners. We want you to consider your page a good investment, and will do everything we can to help it be so.

I'm not good with computers. Do I need technical knowledge to set up a page?

You do not need any special or technical knowledge to set up a page. The whole process is designed to be as quick, easy, and as user friendly as possible. In addition, we offer first class support, and can help you set up your page every step of the way. Just let us know!

Why would I want to buy a page?

There are many of benefits in purchasing a page. As a page owner you:

  • Secure an exclusive niche in a growing micro-economy.
  • Raise awareness of your website, product, or service.
  • Own a keyword or phrase that perfectly represents and brands your business.
  • Cultivate a heightened web presence.
  • Share traffic generated by the entire community.
  • Join a resourceful community of motivated entrepreneurs.
  • Receive storage space on our server for your page's content.
  • Link quality content to your relevant website for better SEO.

There are also many ways to directly earn a profit from owning a page.

  • Sell products or services off your page.
  • Sell ad spots or use Google AdSense.
  • Resell your wiki page (developed or not) at a later date.

How do I buy a word?

To purchase a word, please visit our "Own a Page" link on the menu at the top of the page.

How long does page ownership last?

Once you own a page, it is yours for the life of the site.

How long will the Million Dollar Wiki be up and running?

With the initial sales, the hosting expenses have been secured for the first 15 years, and guarantee that the site will run until May of 2022. Our intention is to keep the site up forever.

Can I resell my page for profit?

Yes, reselling is allowed. See our Reseller Guide.

What words are available for purchase?

You can purchase any word or group of words that does not already exist on the million dollar wiki and fits the following criteria.

  • Words cannot contain meaningless letter groupings like 'kjlhdhsdf'
  • Words cannot contain unrelevant numbers (eg. accepted 'Web 2.0'; eg. unaccepted: 'Bread123')
  • Words cannot contain punctuation marks except for a period or hyphen
  • Words cannot contain unrelevant periods or hyphens (eg. accepted: 'non-disclosure agreement'; eg. unaccepted: 'Make-money')
  • Words cannot be spelt creatively such as 'dawg'.
  • Words cannot be offensive or X-rated.
  • Words can be Non-Offensive slang words, such as 'bling'
  • Words can use commonly used abbreviations or acronyms like 'DIY' or 'PPC'

Can I buy Trademarked names?

Trademarked terms are available for purchase, but they must be used in good faith with respect to copyright and trademark laws.

For instance, the page for "BMW" may be suitable for use by a BMW owners group, someone selling their used BMW automobile, a licensed dealer of BMW's, or by BMW themselves. It would be ill-advised and against our terms to use it for advertising autos by other manufacturers, or purchasing it with the sole intent to resell to the trademark holder.

The Million Dollar Wiki takes complaints about trademark and copyright violations seriously. If you have doubts or concerns, please feel free to contact us at pages[at] at any time.

How do I tell if a word I want has been taken or not?

Either do a search for the word in the bar located at the top right or refer to the complete page index.

What is my page’s URL?

For example, if your word is "Basketball", the URL is

What am I allowed and not allowed to post on my page?

Whatever you put on your page must be significantly relevant to the word or phrase associated to your page. If you were to purchase the page for "Business", the entire page must be relevant to business.


  • Text
  • Images
  • Links
  • Blog feeds
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Games
  • Flash
  • Google AdSense
  • Relevant ads

Not allowed:

  • Irrelevant content
  • Pornographic or offensive content
  • Popups or automatic redirects to external websites
  • Jibberish keyword spam

What kind of support do you provide?

The Million Dollar Wiki team is very responsive and provides first class support. We extend every effort to help page owners get their page looking exactly the way they want it. This is because we want all of our pages to be of the highest quality. Your emails are always answered rapidly. We are completely dedicated to growing and will help you in any capacity we can. We also have a forum where you can get answers and join the community to get feedback, ideas and help for your page.

I purchased a page, now what?

After you buy a page, you will receive an email from us with your username, password, and link to edit your page. You will be ready to start building your page using the wiki editor (which is exactly the same as Wikipedia's editor), or create your own html page for a more customized look. Please refer to the Owners Guide for further information.

How do I add/edit content on my page?

After you've purchased your words, you'll receive a username and password, and a link to edit your page. You can use the built in wiki editor to quickly add text, images, links, and even youTube videos. You can also supply us with an html file and folder of images, that we will incorporate into your wiki page using IFrames. For further information on using the Wiki editor, see our concise Editing Tutorial.

What kind of hosting does Million Dollar Wiki provide for pages?

The Million Dollar Wiki runs on a powerful dedicated server with lots of RAM. The entire site is backed up twice daily. The backups are stored in their entirety in no less than four different remote hard drives. Data loss is not a threat to the Million Dollar Wiki.

I have more questions, who do I contact?

Please direct all further inquiries to