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First make sure you are familiar with the Content Guidelines

By purchasing words, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions


After you buy a word, you will receive an email from us with your username, password, and link to edit your page. YOU HAVE ONE MONTH FROM THE PURCHASE DATE TO FINALIZE YOUR CONTENT

  • Editing the page with the wiki editor:
    • Your page has a built in editor that allows you to add images, text, and links.
    • This is simple, quick, and easy. It does not allow for intensive customized design, for that we have html.
  • Creating an HTML page (For a more customized look).
    • You can create a page in html, which can be no wider than 650 pixels.
    • Include a folder for all the images you have on the page.
    • Send it to us! We'll upload the page and images onto our server (after scanning for viruses, of course!), and display it in your wiki page using IFrames.

So there you have it. Something for everyone. Throw up a few simple images, some text, and some links in seconds using the wiki editor (Which is exactly the same as Wikipedia's editor), or create your own html page and send it to us with an images folder for a more customized look.

Email any questions to help [at]

Thank you for shopping Million Dollar Wiki!