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  • If you purchase a word in the Million Dollar Wiki, you can later sell that word to someone else!
  • Some restrictions do apply.
  • Please make sure you read this entire page before attempting to sell your word.


  1. No one can re-sell a word before the Million Dollar Wiki has sold its goal of 10,000 words.
  2. All Re-Sale transactions are processed through the Million Dollar Wiki. We take 20% of the final sale price.
  3. All sales / purchases are processed through Google Checkout.

Check back for updates

  • As we get closer to selling 10,000 words, we will update this page on Re-Selling. For now, the general process is outlined below. This is subject to change.


  1. When you first decide you want to sell your word, send us an "Intent to Sell", which states that you intend to sell your word, and whether or not you want us to place your word on our public list of words available for re-sale.
  2. When you have found a buyer, you send us an "Arrangement of Sale". It includes your name, address, email address, and phone number. It also includes all the same information for the buyer.
  3. We then call you to verify your identity information, the sale price, and the buyer.
  4. We then call the buyer to confirm their information and identity.
  5. We then send the buyer an invoice. They pay us via credit card or check. As soon as the payment clears, we take our percentage of the final sale price (20%), and forward you the remaining 80%. We pay you via check or Google Checkout.
  6. After the transaction is completed, we send the buyer a new username and password that the buyer can use to create new content for the page purchased. The content still must meet the guidelines. The buyer then has two weeks to finalize the content of the page before it is frozen indefinately, until another sale is arranged.
  7. You no longer hold any rights to the page.