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As each page and keyword can only have one owner, the demand for premium pages is likely to cause an increase in resale value. Million Dollar Wiki pages can be resold by their owners per the terms and conditions listed below.


  • If you purchase a page in the Million Dollar Wiki, you can later sell that word to someone else!
  • Some restrictions do apply.
  • Please make sure you read this entire page before attempting to sell your page.


  1. Important: Million Dollar Wiki pages are eligible for resale and ownership transfer only after they are 60 days old. This transfer restriction is a necessary security measure against fraudulent purchases.
  1. Page owners are no longer required to sell their pages through us or pay a commission to sell. You are welcome to list your page for sale elsewhere and keep all profits.
  1. Sales of accounts and username/logins are not permitted.


  1. eBay is an excellent place to list your Million Dollar Wiki page for sale. ( Business sold for over $6,000 there.)
  2. If you list your wiki page for sale on eBay, include the word "MillionDollarWiki" in your title (no spaces or quotes). This will increase exposure to your listing and enable it to appear in searches and on our resale page here on


  1. To transfer a page to a new owner, Send a private message to Caretaker with either the new owner's MillionDollarWiki username, or their name and email address if they are not yet a member. We will promptly transfer the name to their account, and send them and you a confirmation message.