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Well, after working endlessly for days, I finally have the site set up exactly how I want it. It was a little tricky configuring everything so that the URL for any given word is, but I finally got it!

Now I'm excited! I have my Google Checkout account all set up, figured out all the security issues related to only allowing users to edit their specific page, and things are ready to roll! You can even embed YouTube videos on the pages now! This wiki has everything! So what's my plan now? I'm gonna sell some words! I'm going to write emails this week to everyone I know, and tell them to forward the emails to everyone they know. Considering you can sell your words on eBay down the road, I don't think it will be too hard to find people to plunk down a hundred bucks for words like Business, or Video, or DVD. Maybe I'll send some emails to some online casinos and tell them that Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, and Bingo are available!

After some long nights of coding though, I'm getting cabin fever. My friend Tim is coming over and we're gonna go get some sushi. Spider rolls and spicy tuna rolls are my absolute favorite. And I won't mind throwing back a Heineken or two! I'm also completely engrossed in a Murakami book right now, South of the Border, West of the Sun, so maybe I'll sit outside on my deck and do some quiet reading. I don't think people do nearly enough reading these days. It's so enriching. The weather outside is perfect and I've been inside far too long.

Next time I write, I will have sold a word! G


Hi, my name is Graham Langdon, and I am going to make a million dollars. I'm graduating college this year and I'm in debt way over my head. Come May 2008 I'll have an undergraduate degree in anthropology, $50,000 to pay off, no car and no plan for the future. Doesn't sound too appealing does it? I want to work for myself and open a bar with my good friend, but that costs money, money I don't have.

Enter the Million Dollar Wiki. Think of my site like Wikipedia. There is a page for literally everything. However, instead of being open for anyone to edit, one person owns each page. They purchase the page from me, set the content, and use it to drive traffic to their site or get their message out to the world. Now the twist comes: after I sell the goal of 10,000 words, I am going to open existing words up for resale. That means if you grabbed a word that someone else is just dying to have, no matter what the price, you can CASH IN. I want to maximize the benefits of purchasing a page any way I can, and this seemed to be a clear way to do that.

So that's the big idea to solve all my monetary woes: A great domain name, 10,000 words, $100 per word, the right publicity, and one million dollars. It's a simple idea, and while it's beautiful in its simplicity, I'm going to need to make this thing snowball to the point where Coca Cola is purchasing "soda", "refreshing", "cola", "beverage", "cold", and "coke". I need Apple purchasing "apple", "ipod", "mp3", and a page for "Zune" saying that Zune sucks! Yeah... they would never do that. But nonetheless, if I can get the right buzz for this thing, which is crazy enough it just might work, I could be on my way to the bank. And then I'm going to open this bar in Boston, but I can't tell you anything about that. Don't want anyone stealing the idea! I will say this though. It will be, without a doubt, the BEST bar in the known world.

So, without further ado, The Million Dollar Wiki. Buy your page today, for only $100. So get in early and buy the good words like "business" and "money" and "ringtones". I guarantee the site will be here for fifteen years at least, but I want to pass it down through my family for hundreds of years. Seriously. My children's children's children will own this site if my lawyers do their job right. ...Not that I have lawyers yet but you get the idea.

I'm going to update my blog every step of the way, so stop back often! G