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== '''Sale on Dotcom Pages''' ==
== '''Sale on Dotcom Pages''' ==

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Sale on Dotcom Pages

Here's how it works:

  • If you own a .com domain, for example yourdomain.com, you can buy a Million Dollar Wiki page for it, for only $50.
  • Your page would be MillionDollarWiki.com/yourdomain.com
  • You must own the domain, and we must verify that first

To take advantage of the offer

  1. Send an email to graham at million dollar wiki dot com
  2. Specify the domain you own that you would like a page for
  3. Make sure that the whois record is publicly available, or else make sure the email you send us comes from webmaster@yourdomain.com
  4. You will then be sent an invoice via Google Checkout or Paypal for $50 for the page.

An added bonus

Every day for the month of October, a different dotcom MDW page is going to be one of the two featured pages on the home page. You can be one of them!