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Own a page and enjoy the benefits:

  • When you buy a page for $100, you own it for the life of the site. Guaranteed at least 15 years.
  • You're the only one with control over the content of your page. Monetize it how you like.
  • If someone else wants to own your page, they have to buy it from you.
  • Use your page to raise awareness of your website, product, or service.
  • Get onto our homepage and in front of thousands of people when you create a professional looking page.
  • Share traffic generated by the entire community.
  • Make a unique investment for $6.67 per year:

      $100 divided by 15 years min. site life = $6.67 per year.

  • First class customer support.
  • Access and setup for poll software or photo gallery software.
About this image

About this image

($100 - Supply Limited)

Earn a profit from owning a page.

  • Sell products or services from your page.
  • Utilize advertising programs like Google AdSense.
  • Resell your developed or popular page.
  • See our Case Studies and Page Valuation Model.