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History of the Mobile Phone

Long ago mobile phones looked like this:
What a pain

But only business men who absolutely needed to tote these monstrous things around would even bother. The battery pack alone on those suckers would choke a whale.

So before long a second "brick" phone was developed:
Excuse me. This is important. And all the cool cats had them.
Before long, Nokia started developing phones cool enough for teenagers:
Like, WICKED cool!
But at $1 a minute, cell phones were rough on the parents' pockets when put in the kiddies' hands.
Lets prank call Kyle!
Finally companies like Motorola, Nokia, LG, Research in Motion and Sony got into the game. At last there was a choice of hundreds of phones and competitive plans that all seemed to cost about $80/month ($50 plus overage charges).
Very Nice.