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Easy way how to make MONEY ONLINE

Well there are generaly 3 ways how to make money online.

1) The First is for people who dont know nothing about creating webpages and those who think that money can be made easy way by doing nothing. This also attracted me when I was much younger and was thinking that that money that I make while surfing web and watching ads and clicking ads will pay for the cost of internet connection and little bit more. Yes it is right but you cannot live with this way of making money online. so to this first group I count program which pay you fro surfing Internet, clicking ads, making searches, recieveing email ads, making surveys, ...

But as I said I would never go back to this... easier is to study HTML,PHP,MySQL and create pages than study something about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and read some blogs about making money to get an idea how to make money online.

2) Than I was thinking... OK, there are advertisers willing to pay for placing ads somewhere so I just thought why not to put ads on my own site and let other people (visitors) to click on them instead of me. First months I got some Pay Per Click affiliate programs and was generaly forcing visitors to click banners. Than I found it is important to obay rules and terms of affiliate programs since these practics are not allowed at all. So I started not to force them and saw some results. Most important is traffic and its source. If you have SE (search engine) traffic than after good targeting you have much better results than from some TOP list traffic. So I started with SEO and got more traffic and more visitors looking for something also at my affiliate links.

If I got few sites I also got good PR (Google Page Rank) this number says generaly how good is your website compared with others. Google has PR10 of 10 and there is not many so high. And there came business with selling links. The higher PR I had more money I could get so for few links on my site I got also few dollars... more pages=more dollars... so this way I make few hundreds per month of stable income and no one has to click links and there doesnt have to be high traffic. Selling links is very easy way how to make money online. There is few affiliate programs that will sell links for you like Text Link Ads. With them you can also purchase text links increase your PR and than sell links. PR updates are usualy 4 times a year but last update is the longest in its history.

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If you have too much traffic you can also make money online with CPM affiliate programs. Basicly for 1000 page views you get certain amount of money. If you have just banner and no popups you get much less than if you allow popups or popunders. One of the best paying Pay Per Impression programs is PayPopUp which pays per RAW visits so CPM rate is up to $7CPM depending on the country where the popup occured.


3)The other way is even more difficult. It is Affiliate Marketing and you basicaly become advertiser. Dont worry you dont have to buy any product and than sell it. You just have to find the right product which is selling easy and where you make big affiliate commission. To make money online is than easy if you have the right combination of product, keywords and traffic. You got to big search engines like Google, Yahoo and start advertising there your product. Since SEs do not allow affiliate links you need to create special page promoting this product that you sell and on this page is your affiliate link. There can be also something FREE from you what makes visitors happy and willing to pay for the product. The best selling are usualy products with Pay Per Lead affiliate model. Where you get paid just when visitor signup even for free. There are affiliate networks which are having many great offers. One of the mot used is ClickBank.

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