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This is the Million Dollar Search Engine Optimization Wiki Page.

Search Engine Optimization – Giving You the Edge Over Your Competition

The Internet is an exciting new medium to gain exposure for yourself or your business through a website. But how exactly can people find your website when there are millions of pages out there? Getting exposure on the Internet is tougher then ever due to increased competition. While many people and company rely on paid advertisement to gain traffic on their website, there is another alternative which can potentially be more effective: it's called SEO, or search engine optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Over 60 million people each day use a search engine to find information such as Google or Yahoo. In order for a website to rank high, it requires the webmasters to understand the basics of how a search engine's algorithm works. The basics of SEO involve the webmaster trying to increase the volume and traffic sent from a search engine to their website. Why Focus on SEO?

Websites that have a high ranking or relevance for the term will usually appear earlier in the search engine results, which increases the website's traffic. For instance, suppose someone is searching Google for cheap car insurance. Car insurance websites that are optimized for search engines will appear on the first page. This makes it more likely for the searcher to visit their link, and more likely that they will result in the sale. The best part is traffic sent from search engines are free and long term. Having good SEO on a website can give a huge competitive advantage.

White Hat SEO vs. Black Hat SEO

There are two schools of thought involved with SEO. There is the white hat method, which conforms to what the search engine recommends. Black hat SEO involves using forbidden techniques. The main difference is that websites which use White hat SEO will have results that last a long time, whereas websites tat use blackhat SEO can be banned from search engines if they are discovered using the methods.

Some SEO Basic Techniques

While Search Engine Optimization is fairly straightforward, it's not as easy as submitting a website to the search engines and expecting the traffic to come on its own. It's important to choose the specific terms the website should rank for, and optimize for it. The problem comes with balancing the right keywords as it's difficult to rank highly for competitive keywords which established authority sites. For instance trying to rank for the word "shoes" alone can be difficult as many websites are trying to compete for the word. Also ranking high for certain keywords may not bring traffic as those words may not have a lot of search volume.

Having a website that has good search engine optimization will ensure that it ranks high within the search engines. Having a high ranking website ensures that you will get many free visitors that can give you an advantage over your competitors in order to gain traffic.