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How to make money from online ticket sales.

  1. The first and most important step is to pick your poison correctly. Whether you enjoy sports, concerts, theater or racing, the best asset you have is to know the most you can about the field you want to sell in. If you feel that you have a good understanding of concerts, for example, you will want to focus the most on that. This is what will give you your edge while buying and selling tickets.
  2. Next, scout your locations/ venues. Learn how many seats they have and if they sell out frequently. The best part is that if you are familiar more than one venue, the profit potential is increased greatly. When a high-selling act like The Rolling Stones comes through town, you know it will be a sellout, but they are not the only ones selling out.
  3. Now you are ready to buy some tickets. First and foremost, you need to either become a member or get on a per-sale ticket site. This gives you first choice at the tickets to come available. So even if the show doesn't sell out, you can score some 4th row, center tickets which are easily sold to others whether the venue sells out or not. There a quite a few pre-sale lists you can get on. Some charge a fee per use or a monthly membership fee. This is the small price to pay in order to get good seats and ensure you have them before they are available to others. One of the first lessons is that no matter how foolproof you make it, you could be stuck eating the tickets for diner if they don't sell. So don't buy tickets you are not willing to use. Plus if you don't want to use the tickets, chances are others don't want to either.
  4. So, now you bought your tickets and its time to unload them for a profit. My favorite site to use is due to the vast majority of users they have to their site. It is a great way to exchange tickets with others. Now, at this point if you play your cards right you can start making some decent change. If you aren't in it for the money you will quickly realize that you can enjoy a lot of free shows doing the same thing (not to mention due to pre-sale you have some great seats). Now enjoy! To see how works keepreading.

Why Tickets on Million Dollar Wiki?

I am bringing you tickets featured with simply because it is the best online tickets service. A place to get all your tickets at a great price and, not only that, you can sell all your extra season tickets to the games you can no longer make. Sometimes depending on when and where the venue is you’ll get top dollar for any event tickets you sell, not to mention you could probably turn a buck or two given the right conditions. For these reasons, I believe that is the best place to buy/sell any of those tickets you need. I bet you can’t find better anywhere else on the Net.

What Kind of Tickets are You Looking For?


The Best Sports Tickets Are at StubHub!

It's a great time to be a sports fan! MLB is in full swing as we near the All-Star break, and fans are already gearing up for a great NFL season. Make a memory that will last a lifetime: get great seats for the MLB All-Star Game, or the US Open. They're hot, and we've got 'em!

Sold out? So what! You can always find the best sports tickets at StubHub — even to sold-out events

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Concert Tickets — Check Out Our Pre-Sales and "Sold Out" Shows

We've got the sweetest seats to the hottest shows, even if they're "sold out" or not yet available to the public. Check out the latest:

Reunions Rule! Get ready to see some serious favorites, together again. Led by The Police, the must-see acts of 2007 include Beastie Boys, Genesis, Rush and Rage Against the Machine. This is the summer to get your nostalgia on!

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Theater Tickets — Don't Miss These Tony Award Winners

  • Spring Awakening
  • Grey Gardens
  • Curtains
  • Frost/Nixon
  • Company

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StubHub Exclusives - Your Ticket to the VIP Treatment

Don't just go to the event — make the experience amazing. Our Exclusives are the easiest way to treat yourself to a backstage pass, a complete travel package, the chance to win a sweepstakes and much more. See our amazing offers below, and start living the good life today

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How Online Buying Works?


Choose tickets from a wide range of seats & prices. It's safe and convenient. Tickets for thousands of sports, concerts & theater events are available at StubHub.


Place your ticket order. We contact the seller to confirm your order. When your order is confirmed, we email you to let you know everything is complete


You will receive your tickets by FedEx, or for Last Minute Services, pick them up at a local Last Minute Service Center. We guarantee you get your tickets in time for the event.

How Selling Works

StubHub Is The Best Way To Sell Tickets Why do fans choose StubHub? Because we make selling tickets EASY with national marketing campaigns, toll-free customer service, reliable delivery, and secure payment processing.

Check out our latest improvements at

  • Get access to millions of fans eager to buy tickets.
  • Set your asking price, change it anytime you want.
  • List tickets for FREE! Only pay a commission when your tickets sell.
  • Forget handling buyer inquiries, we do it for you.
  • Ship your tickets to buyers with our fast and easy process.

List Tickets For Sale

If you have extra ticket feel free to post them up for sale. The process is simple and easy at

Then Mail To Buyer

List your tickets for sale. After they sell, StubHub provides you with a pre-paid, pre-addressed FedEx label. Print it out and ship your tickets to the buyer. It's that easy!

  • Hold onto your tickets longer.
  • We make shipping tickets easy.
  • We handle the shipment tracking and customer service.

Or, Sell With The Last Minute Service

Last-minute sales are a snap when you use free Last Minute Services. Available for most major events, Last Minute Services give buyers the ability to purchase your tickets right up to the start of the event.

  • Get us the tickets ahead of time.
  • Delivery to the buyer is handled for you by LMS Inc., a StubHub affiliate.
  • Sell right up to the last minute!

Find Tickets Now!

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