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Searching for Web Videos

There are millions of videos on the web just waiting to be found and enjoyed. When looking for a specific kind of video, however, some methods are better than others. It's good to know which websites and search engines work well for which videos.


If you're looking for a quick laugh or something wacky, few will tell you to look farther than YouTube. Sometimes a more effective option is Google Video. On YouTube you can only search for videos on YouTube. But when you search in Google Video, results come back from YouTube (which google owns) as well as Crackle, Yahoo Video, Uncut Video, Myspace and more. The down side to Google Video is that it lacks the precise browsing options that YouTube has. But it's often worth it for the quality of content in the results.

Small Business

There are a few places where videos of small business are something of a specialty. One of these is BrightCove. Brightcove has made a monetized business of syndicating content and licensing their media player to other websites. And in web video, the money tends to float around videos that cost something to produce.

Just try typing in the search terms "restaurant California" into BrightCove's serach. There are nearly 800 results and a majority of them look rather professional. Another startup to check out in this field is iMoondo Video Classifieds.


For the avid foodie, I would recommend FoodBuzz. It's everything a lover of food needs from a video site. Just check out this clip for the Heart Attack Casserole.