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It is a Buyer's Market, have we bothered to tell our sellers?     

We all know it is a buyers market, Katie Couric, a.k.a. CBS's Real Estate Guru, told me so on the CBS evening news a couple nights ago. So has every other media outlet. All the Realtors know and so do the Buyers, but has anyone bothered to tell the sellers yet?

Obviously, the sellers also see the news on TV and in print so they "hear" it,  but has anyone really told them what that means to them?

Have you sat down with your sellers and talked about assisting buyers with closing cost, paying for home warranty's or  taking an offer even though it may not be the ideal, but it is nonetheless an offer? Have we told them their home is one of thousands to choose from and the buyers are looking? Do they understand that lending guidelines are tighter now and that an offer from a person who  actually has a good enough credit score  is nothing to shove out the front door because the thought of paying some extra's is out of the question?

I personally am working with 3 active buyers. They know the market, but seemingly the sellers are oblivious. My buyers are pre-qualified, ready to buy and KNOW there are less of them and many more sellers than there was 2 years ago.

My goal over the next few weeks is to have dialogue with every single seller and explain to them that if they are fortunate enough to have a person pick their home over the 20,000+ other available ones in my county, they should see that buyer as a friend, not a foe.

-Kimberly Lang