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What is a Translation?

Definition of Translation

trans·la·tion (trns-lshn, trnz-) n. 1. a. The act or process of translating, especially from one language into another. b. The state of being translated. 2. A translated version of a text. 3. Physics Motion of a body in which every point of the body moves parallel to and the same distance as every other point of the body. 4. Biology The process by which messenger RNA directs the amino acid sequence of a growing polypeptide during protein synthesis.

The Meaning of Translation

Translation is the interpretation of the meaning of a text in one language (the "source text") and the production, in another language, of an equivalent text (the "target text," or "translation") that communicates the same message.

Translation must take into account a number of constraints, including context, the rules of grammar of the two languages, their writing conventions, their idioms and the like.

Traditionally translation has been a human activity, though attempts have been made to computerize or otherwise automate the translation of natural-language texts (machine translation) or to use computers as an aid to translation (computer-assisted translation).

Perhaps the most common misconception about translation is that there exists a simple "word-for-word" relation between any two languages, and that translation is therefore a straightforward and mechanical process. On the contrary, historical differences between languages often dictate differences of expression.

Recommended Translation & Language Software

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Translate your name into Kanji

Kanji (漢字, ?) are the Chinese characters that are used in the modern Japanese logographic writing system along with hiragana (平仮名), katakana (片仮名), and the Arabic numerals. The Japanese term kanji (漢字) literally means "Han characters".

Translate your name tailored to your gender, personality and partners name if desired. For more information see Japanese Kanji Translation

Other Resources

Website Translator

Multiply Your Content And Your Adsense Earning By Translating Automatically Your Website In 14 Languages.

Babylon - Translation & Dictionary Software

Worlds Leading Text Translation And Dictionary Software,intuitive Translation And Dictionary Software In Over 50 Languages.

The Freelance Translators Ultimate List of Translation Agencies

This Guide Contains A Listing Of Nearly 400 Translation Agencies All Over The World Looking For Freelance Translators (as Well As Interpreters And Proofreaders). Also Included Is An Appendix With 40 Tips For Freelancers On How To Find More Clients.

Spanish Language Speed Learning Course

Speak Spanish Confidently In 12 Days Or Less Is The Best Training Material For You, As You Will Be Held By The Hand Each Step.

How To Learn Any Language

On Your Own, As Quickly And Easily As Possible! Fantastic New E-book Shows You How To Learn Any Language In Just Six Months.

Ultimate Language Secrets

Language Experts Masterpiece. High Conversion Rate, High Commission And Raving Reviews By Readers And Experts Alike.

Glyph Language Services

Seattle based vendor, Glyph Language Services, delivers translation, software localization, internationalization, web globalization, and consulting services to international businesses.

Applied Language Solutions

Offers translation services in a wide range of languages and projects including web sites, manuals, and legal material. All translators are mother tongue and live in-country.

Translation Services USA

Specializing in document, web site, and software translations in over 100 languages.


Offers website and document translation services for all major European and Asian languages.

SDL International Limited

Providing products and services to companies who need to translate their products into local language markets.

Babel Fish Corporation

Provides translation, localization, globalization, language training, and other multilingual services with the benefit of online convenience.

Lernout & Hauspie

Provider of speech and language products, technologies, and services, including speech recognition, text to speech, compression, and translation.

AT&T Language Line Services

Communicate from English into languages anytime, anywhere, with our over-the-phone interpretation service.


Offers document and web site translation as well as software and web localization services.

Language Translation Service

Providing translators for Spanish, French, German, and other languages. Specializing in technical documents, business and legal documentation, web sites, and software.


Directory of translators by language skills and industry expertise.

Logos Language Services

Technical translation, software localization, desktop publishing, and multilingual dictionaries.

KavanKamp Translations

Native-speaking accredited language translators available.

Offers translation software, keyboards, and CD-ROM language dictionaries for Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, and more. Also has listing of professional translators.

Association of Translation Companies

Abracadabra Translations, Inc.

Offers translations for businesses and the media including commercial letters, publications, voiceovers, and more.

Transperfect Translations, Inc.

Offer a broad range of language-related services, including translation, interpreting, multilingual copywriting, localizing software and web pages, cultural consulting, and more.

ALS International

Providing translation services to or from any language, on any subject. Also offering interpretations, DTP, multimedia and localization.

Translator's Home Companion

Provides links to resources available on the Internet for translators and interpreters.


Specializes in audio and video services including equipment installation, transcription, translation, and more.

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