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Welcome to Making Money Online

Over the last five years, my research has led to countless ways to generate residual income online. The goal of my research has been to determine what works, what doesn't and who pays out on time.

There are two parts to this page. First, I discuss what you can do to monetize your Million Dollar Wiki page. Second, I have listed several of the Affiliate Programs and Advertising Networks that I use to make money online so that you can profit from them as well. I encourage you to read through my page Making Money Online and to come back often as I will be adding to this as I discover new opportunities that may help you generate income online.


  • How to Make Money with Your Million Dollar Wiki Page
    • Affiliate Marketing 101
    • Be Niche, Be Rich
    • What You Will Need
      • How to Place AdSense on Your Page
      • How to Set Up Google Analytics to Better Understand Your Page's Traffic
        • Sample Code: The html file hosted on your own server
        • Sample Code: The websiteFrame for your MDW Page
  • Affiliate Programs
    • Web Hosting
    • AdSense Referrals
    • Prosper Referrals


How to Make Money with Your Million Dollar Wiki Page

Listen up now because what I am about to teach will significantly increase your ability to make money on The Million Dollar Wiki...

Affiliate Marketing 101

One of the most effective ways to generate revenue online is by creating niche websites that direct visitors to an affiliate offer. The Million Dollar Wiki is great in this regard because it delivers traffic, which is one of the essential aspects of affiliate marketing.

Be Niche, Be Rich

I can't emphasize this enough. Serve your target audience and serve them well by picking a topic and dedicating your page to it. The topic should match your page title and should be highly focused. By focusing your content this way you will find it much easier to generate traffic, but more importantly, your visitors will be considerably more likely to follow through with your affiliate offer.

What You Will Need

The Million Dollar Wiki does have a downside in that you can't serve certain types of code (such as Adsense) without using some work arounds. The good news is that the work arounds are easily executed.

How to Place Adsense on Your Page

After you purchase a page on The Million Dollar Wiki, you receive several emails. One of those discusses the different ways to place Google AdSense on your page. The following blockquote repeats those directions:

"You can place your own Google Adsense Ads in your page if you like. To do so, email us an html file with the ad script in it, or simply email us the ad script and tell us where on the page you want it. Send it to

Alternatively, you can put the google ads in an html file hosted on your own server, and display them on your wiki page using by adding this code to the wiki editor:


Please note you'll have to adjust the height and width to get it just right for your page, and you'll have to make sure the website= points to your website and the file with your google ads."

I recommend putting your Google Ads in an html file hosted on your own server because it gives you considerably more flexibility in designing your page. Just consider the delays involved when you have to send code in and having someone else place it... Farther down the page I have listed sample code for the file hosted on your server.

I recommend using Dream Host for your website hosting for several reasons.

  1. They let you have as many domains attached to your hosting account, which is a must for an Affiliate Marketer
  2. They are reasonably priced. You can get a year of hosting for about $100
  3. Their affiliate program is awesome (If you sign up one person consider your hosting paid for!)

How to Set Up Google Analytics to Better Understand Your Page's Traffic

Know your visitors, know where they come from, and understand the trends.

Google Analytics is a free and powerful tool that you can easily set up. There is a catch though and that is that it requires that each page that is tracked must have a script. Since scripts can't be placed directly on a page without either emailing MDW to have them place it or by placing the Analytics Script on your own page and then add it to your page with the websiteFrame method.

The following directions cover how to set Google Analytics up for your page.

  1. Go to Google Analytics and create an account
  2. Add a Website Profile
  3. Place the script in a file on your server
  4. Place the websiteFrame on your MDW page

Sample Code: The html file hosted on your own server

The file name:


The code for that file:

<body style="margin:0;padding:0;">

<script src="" type="text/javascript">
<script type="text/javascript">
_uacct = "UA-xxxxxx-xx";


Be sure to replace the UA-xxxxxx-xx with that provided by Google for your Website Profile

Sample Code: The websiteFrame for your MDW Page

The code for your page (place at the bottom):



Affiliate Programs

Web Hosting

The first affiliate program that I am going to discuss concerns hosting. Eventually you will need some form of website hosting to host your websites. Dream Host offers unlimited domains per hosting account as well as one free domain with each account.

The internet is full of hosting companies who regularly offer $25 per sign up, or offer to let you "resell" hosting plans by permitting you to markup their products' prices. After some due diligence I came across Dream Host, who is really working to make a difference. Not only are they a great host (who I personally use) but they offer one of the best commission plans out there. The company has two referral options:

Option 1: One Time Payments

  • Each new customer that you send our way nets you a cool $97!
  • Each new customer that THEY send our way adds $5 to the pot.

Option 2: Recurring Payments

  • You'll earn 10% of EVERY payment that your referrals EVER make! If your referrals pay $100 a year, you earn $10 a year - for as long as they remain DreamHost customers!
  • You'll earn 5% of EVERY payment that THEIR referrals make - for as long as they remain customers too!

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AdSense Referrals

Google revolutionized online advertising with AdSense, by letting publishers place relevant text ads on their home pages. While just about everyone knows about their text ads, most people aren't aware that Google has opened up their referral program. This means that affiliate marketers who love Google but perhaps prefer better more controlled earnings through developing targeted niche websites now have access to a powerful new tool. Referrals

About a year and a half ago, I signed up with (at the time small) website called, now, I am not a huge investor there, but I do have a small amount invested in loans (they are all higher risk loans that are earning about 28% interest...).

This site is great if you need to find a loan for your small business or if you are in need to bail yourself out of title loans or any of the other horrible emergency rip-offs out there.

The website works as a marketplace for loans. As a borrower you can post how much you need and what you would like your interest rate to be. Then Lenders can come and bid on portions of your loan for the amount of interest rate that they feel is appropriate (what you have requested or less) If enough lenders choose to fund your loan and the total amount is funded then you have a loan. If lenders keep bidding it lowers your interest rate. As a lender, you then receive monthly payments from prosper for the next three years.

The market based system is great and has attracted a lot of attention. They now have over 410,000 Members and $85,000,000 in loans.

They are offering referral bonuses through December 31, 2007. If you have a financial page on MDW, this may be something that would interest your audience.

To learn more and to sign up for an account, simply go to

More Advertising and Affiliate programs to be listed soon...



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