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Make Money Taking Online Paid Surveys

The following is a list of all the Online Paid Survey Companies that I use to make money online.There are lots more sites out there, but for now i have listed my personal favourites and the ones i believe you could make the most money with. I have used all the following sites and can highly recommend them.

First of all I suggest you sign up with all of the companies below:

Good Luck

Free To Join Survey Programs

The programs below will not cost you a penny to sign up with and offer great earning potential!

Surveys For Cash

These programs will have a set cash payment, usually displayed before you take the survey.

Pure Profile

Highly targeted surveys, increasing your earnings and reducing the chance of a survey not matching your profile.Pure Profile, unlike other survey companies, allows companies to contact you directly with survey opportunities, further increasing your income!

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Survey Savvy

With over 1.5 million users Survey Savvy is one of the largest online surveys companies.Surveys here range from $2 for quick 2 minute surveys right up to $30+ for more detailed surveys.
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Ciao! offers a wide variety of survey topics, so no matter what you're interests you are sure to find plenty of surveys suitable for you! Ciao! also allows you to combine survey taking with there paid to review program, which can also prove to be very lucrative.

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Founded in May 2000, YouGov is a successful Bristish online market research company. As a member of the YouGov Panel you will be invited from time-to-time to participate in surveys on topics ranging from from politics to painkillers to pensions.

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Surveys For Points

These surveys will have a points value, these points can later be exchanged for gift vouchers, gifts or cash.


Ipoints offers great survey taking opportunities.Survey notifications are sent directly to you email inbox and are quick and easy to complete.While taking surveys you can also add to your income by completing other iPoints offers.

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