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Welcome To The Women Page


Hi I'm Vanessa and my boyfriend just recently introduced me to Million Dollar Wiki and I think it's very cool. So I decided to start this page which I hope that all women will find interesting in one way or another. Expect to find the latest information for women here, all in one spot. This page will soon feature the latest news relevant to women. It will also feature categories for Entertainment, Health & Beauty, Fashion, Sex & Romance, Home Decor & Design, Deals & Offers, Food & Drink Recipes, YouTube Picks of the Week and more!

That woman in the above picture is not me by the way. :)

If you have any questions or comments about the Women page you can send them to me at MillionDollarWomen@gmail.com.

An Ode to O

Women across the US tend to have one thing in common - and that's Oprah. From a troubled childhood living on an alligator farm in southern Alabama she rose to become one of the great beacons of modern womanhood. A remarkable entrepreneur, Oprah is considered by most peoples' accounts to be the most powerful woman in the entertainment industry.

Check out her infamous interview with Tom Cruise in this video.

<youtube v="ypfOM-hMFGM" />

Get your O on