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<youtube v="crxKaU0c4q8" />
<youtube v="crxKaU0c4q8" />

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How to Sell Stuff on Imoondo.com <youtube v="crxKaU0c4q8" />

The NEW Classifieds

Tired of plain text classifieds like Craigslist? Welcome to the world of video. IMoondo offers the first classifieds website comprised solely of video. We are the premier free video classifieds site. iMoondo was conceived with the sole purpose of improving the world of classifieds. Whether your objective is to meet someone, advertise your services, or sell your car, the experience will be enhanced through the power of video. Our video classifieds will transform the online dating process; each ad gives the viewer an added dimension and allows them to make a more informed decision on who they want to date. Employers can assess candidates on factors that can not be found on a traditional text resume. A potential car buyer can take a viewer on a virtual test drive without ever leaving their home. The possibilities for video classifieds are endless for both the video posters as well as viewers. We welcome each of you to our community and hope that our technology helps you to better achieve your objectives.

Check out these videos from Imoondo:

SONNY'S TALE <youtube v="CQj9ZvQjUOk" />

MEET ALATINA <youtube v="eb1Djkb9egM" />