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This page is open for all MDW page owners to post on. You can change any of the content at any time, delete everything to post your own stuff, start a conversation, etc. Just make sure not to post anything vulgar or offensive.

Simply click edit at the bottom after logging in.
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MDW Photo Gallery and WORLD RECORD Breaking Attempt

The Travel page has started a photo gallery for holiday and travel pics for all MDW page owners. Anyone wanting to post some of their travel pics together with their travel tales or tips, please upload your photos (176x133 px or less) and post the details on the forum under "Recent updates".

Special Offer for all MDW page owners who wish to take part in the world record - BUY ONE CREDIT, GET ONE FREE!

Visit the travel page to find out how.

Very cool!

How Long Will It Take To Sell 10,000 Pages?

Contest Rules. Include the specific page you own and the date of your guess. (You get one guess per page you own) Please keep in chronological order. The winner receives a [Graham Insert prize here]. Only one page per date. And predictions will not be allowed after the 1000th page sale.

Prize Suggestions for Picking the Correct 10,000th Sale Date.

  • Front Page Spot for a Month right after the 10,000th sale.
  • A Free Page of Choice.
  • $10,000 cold hard cash!
  • Graham will fly down to where you live and give you a pat on the back.
  • Graham will cook his famous pancakes for your family breakfast.
  • Graham will let you have back door VIP access to his new bar.
  • All the above!!!

Get off your computer and get in shape!

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Button Created for Marketing

I created this button to help page owners market this site on other web sites and blogs. This is the first draft. All you great Photoshop artists can now improve on this button and create others.


The Jesus page on

I took the liberty to provide some more MDW graphics. Here are a few:

Free to use - Courtesy of the Design PageMDWgrayf7f7f7.jpg
About this image
 Free to use - Courtesy of the Design PageFree to use - Courtesy of the Design Page

For more, visit the logo page. Provided by Matthew Lipman.

Pimp My Page

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Vote page is online!

Check out our daily basketball videos.

Get a Proxy

This site will eventually be blocked due to overusage in offices/etc. You can now get your supply of fresh proxies, updated weekly, at the Proxy page!

Header Template Suggestion

I have been reading a few comments on other web sites and blogs about the content of The Million Dollar Wiki. One web designer noted that he could not distinguish between the banner contents and the page owner's contents. I suggest that Graham provide the option of placing a header template in the top of our pages. Then visitors would know what they are looking at when they land at a page owner's page.

Here is a suggested header:

The Million Dollar Wiki originally was a fund raising project created by University of Connecticut student Graham Langdon. It has become a micro-economy of pages filled with informative, entertaining and resourceful content. Graham originally started the project to raise money to cover his university tuition fees. Now as a business model he is hoping to sell 10 000 pages so that he can raise one million dollars. Every page is dedicated to a unique word or phrase. For more information, please visit here.

The page below was purchased by a supporter of Graham's vision.

You can view the header in action on my page.

Free editing service for MDW page owners

Hey everyone. We all want good content on our pages. So, I am offering to edit any MDW page for free. That includes editing for grammar, punctuation and spelling. If you’re interested, just email me at

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Will the Online Advertising Page break into the top 10?

If yes .. when? If no. why not? Ok you guys can leave the why not part.. :p So will the Online_Advertising page enter the top 10 pages of MDW.. Guess the date it will, even if you think it will not.. you never know what happens :D .. The winner will get hmm... lets say 2 links for one whole month on all my blogs and the MDW pages of Online_Advertising as well as Domain_Parking .. are we game?

Money in the bank?

Perhaps if you've been to the Betting and Casinos pages, then you'll also need to visit the Banking page? No? Then try Free_Stuff!

Oh. And who knows, perhaps Lingerie might come in useful one day too ;-)

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Stock Picking Chimp

Stock Picks Chimp wuz here. Scrawlin' on ur wall.

Stock Picks Chimp

For those who never wanna "grow-up!"

Check out my blog HERE. Also check out my MDW pages on toys, manga and gadgets. Remember, you are only "as old as you feel!"


Switching to the Mac

If you're new to the Mac, check out Computer Zone. And if you're only thinking about switching to the Mac, Computer Zone is a great resource for you, as well as my blog


Playing the trombone

Learn more about the Trombone through books, recordings, jobs, lessons, and other lists we have compiled for your enjoyment. Buy one of our domain names related to Trombones or view some of the latest headlines, and share with your friends. Ongoing updates to both MDW pages in the future. Thank you for visiting.

-Ed, Awesome Trombone Links

Foreign Exchange

Learn about the largest financial market in the world (Forex) and how you can make money online by trading in foreign currencies. All at Foreign Exchange

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