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Truly Saving at the Pump

With gas prices steadily rising and a decrease projected for the near future many car owners have one question on their mind, “How can I save money on gas?” Well, while others will tell you to drive less, we are here to tell you, that there are other ways to save at the pump other than just not driving. These include:

Use Lower Octane: Switching to a lower octane will automatically save plenty of money at the pump. Although many people preferred to use higher octane fuel, your vehicle will work run the same. Many vehicles even tell you in the owner’s manual that lower octane is preferred even if the dealer does not.

Get a Gas Rebate Credit Card: Many credit cards issuers are creating gas rebate credit cards that not only save you money but also may give you cash back with each use. You can find many with zero percent introductory rates and low interest rates that follow, as well as no annual fee. These balances can be paid in full monthly, which in turn would be just like paying in cash at the gas station. Search and compare gas credit cards here:

Check the Internet: There are many websites that you can find that post not only the highest prices for gas, but the lowest as well. Using these will allow you to know if prices for gasoline are lower on routes that you take everyday.

Avoid Unnecessary Driving: Simply put if you don’t have to drive don’t; or if you have to, make sure you make the most out of it. If you have errands to run, try to bulk as many errands as you can, and do it all on the same day. Also if you can’t find lower gas in your original driving routes, don’t drive across town to get lower prices. This will be even more costly then paying a few more cents at a gas station closer to you.

Fill ‘er up: Did you know that you actually get more miles if you fill the tank up instead of adding a little here and a little there. Also don’t let your tank get to less than half a tank. Your vehicle consumes more fuel below half a tank than above.

These are just a few things that you may do to ease the cost of filling up your tank while at a gas station. Each of these examples above can not only save you money but some may even get some cash back in your pocket.