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So now that you have graduated and made it into the corporate world, how do you make it through your day? You spend 2,080 hours, or nearly 87 full days out of the year sitting in your cubical hell plotting your escape. Why not head over to 40Hourstogo and help your day go by a little bit quicker?

Comedy Relief

At 40Hourstogo you can learn a lot about your co-workers, here's a sample of a few of the articles you will see:

Office Brown Noser

I'm sure every office has one, he's the annoying asshole that you just want to smack........the office brown noser. As Dane Cook would say, if you don't think you have one....it's because it's you! Think long and hard on if anything sounds familiar, does this sound like you?....then chances are you are the ass kisser of your company. Don't worry though, you aren't alone, there are thousands of individuals out there that share the same kiss ass qualities as you do....

Nosey Neighbor

Have you ever been sitting at your desk and have that..."someone is watching/listening to me" feeling? You are on the phone and you try your hardest to talk quietly, but the lower you talk the more intrigued your neighbors become. It's a realization that you are still a peon and you live in cubical hell.....

How to tell if you are the office slut

1. If the only thing you do at work, is your boss 2. If your bonuses are based upon the number of times you show cleavage 3. You do less work than your peers but get paid more 4. You dress sexier at work than you do at the club 5. You are on your knees more than in your chair

Office Olympics

<youtube v="gKeVhX7sbpY" />

Need to Vent?

If you need a place to vent, then our forum page gives you that opportunity. Stop by and tell us about your douche bag boss, or how your co-workers drive the hell out of you.

Do you want to advertise on either this page or at 40Hourstogo, then email us at admin@40hourstogo.com