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I'm just an average guy who's had self-confidence issues my entire life. It had nothing to do with my weight or my height, it was because my penis was 3 inches. Unfortunately I wasn't born with the greatest genetics and suffered for a long time because of it. In high school I actually avoided taking showers in the locker room because I afraid of my friends finding out.

Things turned from bad to worse once I started dating women. Let's just say I found out first hand that

Size DOES matter.

I felt guilty because the women were treating me so good yet deep down I knew I couldn't satisfy them. I didn't feel like a man and it wasn't until my early 30's that I wanted to do something about it.

Lets face it, this isn't exactly an easy subject to talk about with anyone, not even my doctor. So I looked on the Internet for solutions and found plenty of companies that “claimed” to have it. I had no clue what worked and what didn't and just bought a lot of things. Finding a solution to enlarging my penis would be priceless...


I tested some of these products on myself for over 6 months...

Enlargement Pills – No results after two months, just an empty wallet

Penis Pumps – I gained 2 inches, but the results were TEMPORARY Using

Weights – Painful, I had to stop before I damaged anything

“I was so disappointed with what I tried, I thought my last resort was going to be surgery.”

I was actually halfway through saving up for it when I stumbled onto something on the internet. I read on a forum that some guys were getting real results using something I hadn't tried doing before. They were reporting gains for over 2” using an exercise called PenisHealth.

I really wanted this to be the solution to my problem. .

What I got

-35 Different Exercises to Do

-About 300+ videos and pictures to show me exactly what to do

-Online and DVD Access to everything


I went from 3.5” to 6” inches in length.

I spent 7 minutes everyday doing exercises

I gained control over my erections

I took pictures of it every week and actually saw it grow, I couldn't believe it.

I finally gained the CONFIDENCE I needed. There was no more awkwardness after in the bedroom. IMAGINE how much your sex life can improve with a better penis. Not only is it longer, but it looks completely NATURAL an I did it the healthy way.

Not only that, but it's been over a year since I did any exercises. NONE of the results have changed.

I'm writing this because I struggled for YEARS trying to find a solution. I wish I knew about this sooner because there were so many opportunities with women that I missed.

Gain the Confidence You Need Today Penis Health